Congo and Shanaynay a Love story -The Chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

First love, Last love it's only Love


3. Feel Reem, Live Reem, Be Reem


Congo was beside himself with Joy when Shanaynay agreed to come to The Afterparty nightclub. The lineup was so Sick

you had no choice but make a medication from the musical ingredients ~

Take two of the finest Djs- Doorly and Kissysellout, cut them into quarters, lightly squeeze into a saucepan with half a pint of Mc Rod alan, then add Chase and Status.

Bring to the boil, add 6 tablespoons of Krafty Kuts and allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

Drain into a mug and add Subfocus and two crushed paracetamol tablets. Wave your Raving symptoms goodbye for the evening...


Congo knew exactly what he was gonna wear.

Chest - Blue and red Checked Hooded Top. It was casual enough which give him that every man appeal, but the hood give him that edge. Naughty but nice with it type feel.


Legs were sporting Slim Corn yellow Chinos which showed a sense of creativity and fun.

Feet- Piece la resistance non other then his most loved Black leather Van classic slip on. For that skate culture and contemporary style. Congo felt Confident! Congo felt Peng! .. Congo Felt Reem!


"Even I feel moist just looking at myself in the mirror, imagine what Shanaynay gonna feel like" Congo thought as he checked himself out.


A double splash of Joop and Congo was hot to go.


" Tonight the night brooo" sung Chill with one arm on the steerin wheel. He was parked out side Congo's house. His car always had bits of rubbish in the back, used cans, random bits of paper, yet the car smell fresh. Congo could never figure it out.


" Where Kev" Congo asked as he peered in the back of the car. 


" Not a clue his phones off but most likely meets us at the door, not gonna lie you're looking decent.. amazing what a bit of Dove and calogate can do to a man!"


" Shut Ya mouth" replied congo and jumped into the car.



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