Light me up.

The darkness has consumed all yet the house lives on and the battle still rages.


1. Light me up

The phantom is wise for she supplies obscure boundaries;

razor blades on string sing, clicking soundly -

cutting a thousand score, after in between and before 


Rafters bear slate suspending this state of seclusion

with no intrusion to elude abandoned sanctums freeze;

squeezing sable nonentities in suffocating penitentiary


Vermin scattered lice scurry to flee the bitter vice

crushed blankly through a prejudice night –

rushing, gallant to eschew with no ending in sight


Set in aspic, austerity trapped licks of paint and

empty racks are feint reminders of loot squandered

whilst the shade that once wandered never parts or dies


Crack over crack, flaccid light furnishes no flack;

grinning, cackling - gloom winning over the jilted

as blistered balls seep weeping over floral edges


Skirting unobserved bordering warped wedges

moss furtively encroaches from a weary veranda;

Shifting sceptically, spectres surreptitiously secrete


Frayed legions pine for a new tacked occupation

with a rotten stink copper sinks into the bowels;

miniature miles of buckled metal tendon


The chimes whimper till the crud filled grill -

ashamed mould dappled drapes flake over lining

and still the shining is not sanctioned through


The empire despises traitors to the throne whilst

silver spindles spur menace to darken behaviour

- promises of her spite to combat lucid favour


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