Doubting Love

I've written many poems about love and this one looks at the unfortunate side of romance. I have never experienced the feeling of being cheated on, but I tried to imagine myself in this situation and write how I felt about it.


1. Doubting Love

Why does this uncertainty

sting my heart like a raging wasp?


Why are my thoughts mangled into

a confused state of perplexity?


Who was it,

that with undecided attention,

made you question your warming tenderness for me?


When did you allow yourself

to feel affection for someone else

and reflect disbelief into my heart broken eyes?


Where did it all frantically fall apart;

like a deformed decaying rock face?


What stimulated you

to not feel hesitant,

in becoming brutally heartless?


How could you be so oblivious of the obscurity,

that now swarms around me;

like a pack of lies?


How could you;

cause my scarcity of confidence and emotional confusions,

to fuse together and give birth,

to a dark future;

of doubting love?

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