Lost Potential

I wrote this as part of my submission for a university that I applied for. I didn't know what to write at first, until I thought about the injustice and inequality in the world and somehow, I wrote this poem called Lost Potential.


1. Lost Potential

Infinite innocent cries are

proclaimed around the world.

New life in the chaotic cosmopolitans

And depriving deserts.


Unnecessary necessities in their thousands

swarm the safely deprived bearer.

Flowers in their realms of glory 

cast white light upon a deceased life-giver.


A boisterous babe cuddled in

robes of royalty and spite and

a compassionate child tightly grasped in

drapes and shards of misfortune and gratitude.


Gluttony engulfs a fortunate infant,

who avoids their small daily deprivation of freedom

that education unwillingly takes away;

their potential for development evaporating.


Starvation smothers a bone dry midget,

yearning to engrave their voice on the fortunate infants

who could never be grateful and eager to discover;

that potential of knowledge pouring down the drains.


This unjust world bears no safe sanctuary;

not for anyone.

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