This is the first poem that I ever wrote, which was in 2003! I was learning about Titanic in my humanities class and I had also watched the film version.


1. Titanic

In April 1912,

A tragic disaster.

A massive iceburg,

They should have gone faster.



A boat with 4 pipes,

Roamed the seas.

A lot of people died,

What a massive fee.



Rich, middle, poor,

Travelled on the boat.

When it started sinking,

Not a lot of lifeboats.



Rich stayed in posh rooms,

Middle were kind of the same.

The poor were not treated with respect,

Until the disaster came.



Everyone ran around,

Rich took their time.

Women and children went on first,

The bands of classic also took their time.



Men pushed to get on lifeboats,

Lots weren't full.

The greatest ship sank,

Now the sea was dull.



People died in the freezing water,

Some people survived.

Lots of people cried,

The Titanic had died!

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