Hold my hand...

When Alexis Ann Boyd, better known as Alex, said yes to her uncles offer of coming on tour with him to see the world on half time, she had no idea what she signed up for.


4. Hanging out

***** Alex


About half an hour after her little bump in with the three guys, Alex found herself walking abord the tourbus again.

Looking down at her camera, scrolling through the picture she had been taken throughout the day, while walking, Alex didn't notice the six people hanging around in the living area.

"When you speak of the sun, Alex, I want you to meet my friends and the headliner of the tour. Justin, Ryan and Chaz, this is Alex." Alex didn't really pay much attention to Jas's words untill she came across the first name, which immediatly made Alex's head fly up to take a good look at the person's infront of her.

And just as she feared, there he was, the douchbag of a player from earlier, looking at her from his place on the couch.

Alex nodded a little at the three boys, before she looked around the living area, trying to find a space to sit, but her eyes kept flying back to the spot next to the headliner himself, Justin Bieber, which just so happened to be the only spot left.

Alex sighed a little, before taking place beside Justin, against her will.

While Alex was fighting the urge to just stand up and leave, Justin was actually enjoying the moment a little. He finally thought that he had his shot at winning the unofficial bet he had made with Chaz and Ryan, about winning her over. The mean part of it wasn't because he wanted to prove anything to them, more likely he wanted to prove to himself that he still could get any girl he wanted!

While Chaz, Ryan, Jasmin, Mikayla and Sophie was talking and joking around, just had other plans in mind.

Slowly he started flirting silenced with Alex, by touching her hand now and than by 'accident', smiling at her, and just giving her small inocent smiles when she looked up confused, and rolled her eyes at him.

It amused Justin, still he was frustrated that he had to choose the one girl in the whole wide world, who seemed to not care about him, to prove that he could have any girl in the world.

This was so not a confidence boosted for Justin. He needed to be confirmed in his thought of being the most attractive guy on the planet, he need to have this girl wrapped around his arm, never letting him go with his eyes, he needed to have this girl wanting him, more than anything. Little did he know that Alex had already been hurted once and when that happend, she swore to God that she would never let another man come into her life again. And she intented to keep that promise.

After a while Alex got tired of the silly attempt to seduce her, and so she went for her bunks to take a quick nap before the first show opening show on the american leg of the tour.



After an hour of sleeping Alex woke up to the beat of 'Because of you' by Ne Yo, reminding her that she had to be quick if she wanted to catch just a glimps of the show before it was done.

Alex quickly got up and headed for the showers, the tourbus was completly silenced since everybody was in the venue watching the first concert, typic Alex to over sleep!

Before she walked out of the tourbus to head for the backstage of the venue, she checked her outfit one last time in the mirror, making sure that everything was okay. Her black strapless dressed hugged every curve of hers to perfection, the small black jacket went perfectly well with her stilletoes, and along with her sparkling makeup and curled hair, she felt nothing but ready for the dinner they were going to have after the concert, to celebrate the start of a great year long tour.

Walking backstage at the venue Alex caught everyone's attention. Normally watching from backstage would have been boring, but she got the oportunity to hang out with some of the women on the tour. Along with Justin's mother Pattie, who turned out to be nothing like her son, and Carin, Scooters beautiful girlfriend, the last bit of the concert went by fast, and before she knew it a sweaty popstar was headed for her in an attempt to seduce her once again.

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