Hold my hand...

When Alexis Ann Boyd, better known as Alex, said yes to her uncles offer of coming on tour with him to see the world on half time, she had no idea what she signed up for.


2. Early mornings

-------- Alex


"I would've introduced you to the others, but as you can see they are sound asleep." Jasmin was grinning big while making a handgesture to the two bunks, where soft snoring where coming from.

"Doesn't really matter, I'm tired anyways." Without further talking they both got dressed into their PJ's and was sound asleep along with the other two.

Mikayla R. Jones and Sophie Morgan, was just as different as day and night, that's if you take their looks and compare them by that. Mikayla, or as everyone was calling her; Kayla, was no more than 15 years old, with her mom with her on tour she had been aloud to travel the world. Her light brown hair would shine just the right way when the sun hit it, and her eyes was in a crystal clear green color. It was easy to tell who was Kayla and who was Sophie, who with her dark brown hair, that was almost in the black night color and only went to just above her shoulders, had a pair of blue nearly violet eyes, her parents had let her travel alone, after she had pointed out the very important fact that she just turned 16 in the summer, and was old enough to take care of herself. If you compared those two girls, to each other, all you were left with was day and night, moon and sun, water and ice. But one thing that wasn't much different from each other, was their dream of touring the world with Jasmin, their dream to be her dancers every night at each and every show, being on stage and show of their talent to the world. That was what they both had dreamed of, and here they were, sleeping on a tour bus rolling it's way towards Atlanta, the kick out show of this tour.




As early morning came and the sun was rissing, Alex woke up with a feeling of being out rested.

As the others was still asleep she tiptoed out into the livingroom area of the bus.

The bus was builled into three parts. The kitchen area, which is the first area, the livingroom area, which is in the middle and connects the back and front, and than last the sleeping area, with bunks on each side of the bus. All area's was parted with a door seperating it. It was nice to have some kind of privacy even though it wasn't what you would usually be used to!

Alex got out the brand new laptop, her parents had gotten her when the old one broke.

Her fingers quickly ran across the keyboard as she signed into her twitter.

@AlexGotSwagYo: Chilling at the tour bus, everyone is still at sleep!! ;P

As she ran across her mentions a new one showed up as she refreshed the page.

@crazyaboutvillegas: OMB youre Alex right? the girl Jasmin tweeted about yesterday!!! OMFB!! ARGGHHH would you please follow me?

Alex pressed the little follow button as her thoughts ran threw yesterdays tweet from Jasmin.

@JASMINVILLEGAS: Can't wait to see Alex tomorrow, that girl seriously have some swag. Haven't seen her in a long time! :(

As the thought of how that girl had found her without Jasmin, giving out her twitter name ran through Alex's head, a girl with black short hair and a pair of violet blue eyes walked into the livingroom area.

"Oh hey, you must be Alex. I'm Sophie!!" She said as she streched out her hand for Alex to shake it, she did so while still sitting on the couch.

Sophie took a sit in the other end of the couch.

"Do you mind ?" She made a gesture towards the big TV hanging on the wall infront of us, over the other couch. I shoke my head as saying no.

She turned it on blasting the sound of spongebob square pants laughter, throughout the whole livingroom area part!

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