A Missed Friend

It's been a year since Lilly has been dead...

Maddie is thirteen years old. Lilly was like a sister to her. Will she learn that her best friend won't rise from the dead? Or will she see Lilly as a ghost? Will she make new friends?...


1. The Death

As I stared in the mirror, I thought, OMG. It's been a year since Lilly died. How did so much time fly by, so fast? It has gone so quick, terrifyingly quick. So here goes. Hi my name is Maddie, I have short (half way down my neck) dark brown hair, bright green eyes, my skin is pale - ghost like. I live in Tonbridge, in England, nice cool weather except for it is rarely sunny. It's the end of July. Today,exactly today, it has been a year since Lilly has been dead. It was my fault she died. The reason she no longer exists. I should of never let her climb that tree I was so stupid...

"Lilly!! Don't climb the tree you will hurt yourself!"
"Ha no I won't!" Lilly called back down, her wild blond hair swaying in the wind, her blue eyes big and bright with excitement. Lilly screamed,
"I'm fine! Missed a branch! Ha I'm at the top! Come on Maddie! Climb up! It's safe!" Lilly yelled at me, I just shook my head, I felt the wind blow strands of my hair into my face, I brushed them away with my hand and then crossed my arms, Lilly was sitting on the branch in the middle and she batted the leaves out of her face.
"Come on! Please! It's fun!" Lilly called again, didn't she know I was frightened of heights? My balance isn't good anyway,
"Lilly! You know I hate heights! Please come down your scaring me!!" I yelled up, I saw someone look out of their window, she saw Lilly in the tree and opened her front door, she was about 70 years old, she had short curly grey hair and her face was wrinkly, she smiled at me and looked friendly.
"Do you need any help?" She asked, she looked concerned. Lilly bent over the branch that she was resting her arms on, it was a bit like a table, she leant over a bit more until she was on her knees and basically leaning off the branch, she could fall. I screamed.
"Lilly!! Sit back on the branch!! You'll fall!!" I yelled. The lady walked back to her house,
"stay there girls! Don't move Lilly! I'm going to phone the fire station" she called to us. Another gust of wind caused Lilly to cling onto her branch and her hair swirled in her face, she reached up to brush her hair back.
"No Lilly! Put your hand back on the branch!!" I yelled, she didn't listen, she tipped over the branch and screamed, she was holding onto the branch with one hand, she dangled, she was screaming.
"LILLY!!!!" I screamed, well screeched. I started crying. "Lilly hang on!!" I ran back to the lady's house, I rang the doorbell, pressing the button fiercely.
"They are just coming!" the Lady told me, I heard the sirens, lucky we lived near the fire station. I looked back to the tree and heard Lilly scream, I ran as quickly as I could across the road back to the tree. I jumped up the curb and ran to the tree, Lilly was holding the branch with three fingers,
"Lilly! Swing your other arm and hold the branch!" I instructed her, she shook her head
"I can't!!" She yelled back, the fire engine spead down the road and stopped about five meters from where I was standing. Lilly screamed, then she fell, she smacked her head on a branch on the way down,I heard her neck snap sickenly it was a big tree, making her fall head first, She had stopped screaming, blood was poring out of her arm where a branch had caught it, then she fell smack at the bottom of the tree, three meters away from me, her eyes were staring at the tree, then rolled into her head, blood rolled out of her open mouth, I screamed and started breathing heavily. Thats all I want to tell you,
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