A Missed Friend

It's been a year since Lilly has been dead...

Maddie is thirteen years old. Lilly was like a sister to her. Will she learn that her best friend won't rise from the dead? Or will she see Lilly as a ghost? Will she make new friends?...


2. Living on

She got rushed off to hospital, she was already dead when they brought her in. This was how I heard the news.

I was sitting next to Lilly's parents, her mum had her arm around me to comfort me. We were waiting, we knew she had really bad injuries. I looked at the plain walls, the halls of the hospital had that strange clean smell, I watched all of the passing people glide past. Tears ran down my cheeks and sat at the top of my mouth. I wiped them away with the back of my hand. My mum was still at work, she didn't know anything, I was staying over at Lilly's house for a sleep-over as its the weekend tomorrow. We had spent all day planning everything. The midnight feast, the games, girlie stuff like make-overs and getting our nails done. We had spent a ten minute detention planning the sleep-over. Tears poured out of my eye once more. The hard hospital chairs was giving me a numb bum. I heard Lilly's Mum sniff. She looked very worried, she flicked her blond hair out of her eyes, it was shoulder length, her blue eyes full of words and her dark eyebrows squished together with worry, frown lines appearing on her forehead, her Dad was reading a car magasine. I looked back at the plain wall, I watched another nurse with blonde hair pulled back into a bun walk past in front of me, she was holding a pack of paper. I watched someone who had got glass stuck in their arm, I looked away immediatley, my stomach turned. I felt sick. I concentrated on something else. I concentrated on what me and Lilly would do when we go back to hers. We still hadn't planned what film we will watch, we are stuck between 'Mean Girls' and 'The Simpsons Movie'. Both are our favourites.
A nurse walked up to us,
"Are you Lilly King's parents?" she asked politely
"Yes, we are, is she ok?" Lilly's Mum asked
"I'm afraid not, she didn't make it, we did the best we could, she had broken her neck and had serious brain damage, she had lost a lot of blood too," The nurse informed us, it was the blonde one that had walked by, she looked very tired and bored and probably wanted her shift to end. Lilly's Mum just nodded, Tears started to pour out of her eyes but she wiped them away. The nurse just looked apologetic.
"Maddie?" Lilly's Mum asked, her voice was cracking, her eyes were over flowing with tears. She looked dazed - like the news hadn't hit her yet. Like he hadn't grasped the fact her daughter was lost forever. I couldn't speak. I felt funny, it was like I was in a night mare I couldn't wake up from, it was like I couldn't breathe anymore. I just nodded.
"I will take you back home, will your Mum be home by then, if not you can stay at ours, John will stay here and do all of the planning, he was alway closest to her."
"no she won't be home, I can always stay at mine. I will wait outside til she gets back" I mumbled
"don't be silly! You can take a pick out of what stuff of Lilly's you can have, see well Lilly always told me that if she died you could have her stuff."
"no, it's hers," I mumbled, I didn't care how much she wanted me to have her stuff, she was going to die young anyway. She had an illness. I can't remember which one though.
"don't you want some part of her to keep with you? She really did want you to have her stuff, you were always like a sister to her, you were what made my little girl happy" Her Mum said, tears rolled out of her eyes, I just nodded and let her Mum take me home.
Being in Lilly's room felt weird without her, I immediatley started crying. I sat on her bed.
"Bye Lilly, you will always be my best friend" I whispered into the air. I looked around, her walls were pink and purple, they had butterfly silhouettes dotted around in various colours, we had designed it together. There was her shelves, light brown, full of books and films. Then drawers full of various items like make-up, art and craft stuff, perfumes and jewlery. Her wardrobe full of her clothes. She had pictures, some of us together and her family. Most was of us. I strolled over and picked one up of us when we were five, we wore matching outfits, different colours though. She had a yellow head band in her long hair, I had my hair short and with a pink headband. We looked so cute back then. Then there was a picture when we were six, then eight, then ten and then one we took last week at school. The changes between each picture were big. I picked up her book that she was reading, she was reading "Harry Potter' the third one, if I'm correct. She has always been a bookworm. I picked up her IPod, it was full of our favourite music. She filled it with both of our favourites because we listened to it together a lot. I looked at the friendship bracelet I was wearing, it had 'best friend' engraved in the half heart, then I looked at the back it had 'Maddie' engraved. I looked at the fake gems that hung off it. I picked up hers. It was the same but it had her name on the back of the half heart. I joined the hearts together. It now said 'Forever Best Friends'. Tears escaped from my eyes. I let them roam free down my face. I looked at all of the pictures on her wall, some of celebrities, some film posters, then a one that we got drawn of both of us. We had two done, one for me and one for her. I then looked at the ceiling where her fairy lights hung. I went over to the switch and flicked them on. They shimmered different colours. Then my phone buzzed. It was Lilly. A text message. I opened it.

Bye Maddie. Xxx

I gasped. Then the tears leaked uncontrollably.

I still have the message saved. I look at it every so often. I had claimed most of her items, all the pictures of us, the books, the films, her art and craft stuff, make up, jewlery and of course all of the clothes and shoes I liked. I kept her IPod. I had got it engraved. It now says 'Lilly + Maddie Best Friends For Life :) x' I listen to it every day. I have all of her handbags. I felt greedy but her Mum forced most of the stuff on me. The only thing I would not accept was the fairy lights. They were hers. I could never take them. She loved them and could not sleep without them on. I still go around her house. They don't mind me. They say I'm like their second daughter. It's strange being their without Lilly. The best way to remember her was in her room. I would sit on her bed and think of the memories. Thats where I'm sitting right now. Tears escaped from my eyes. The first few times I visited I felt guilty like I was invading their privacy. I still go through Lilly's stuff. Look at her scrap books, I found her diary but could not bring myself to read it. I put it back into the drawer. I would stroke her teddy bear, he was called Wabbit. Silly name for a bear. She was three when she named him. I talk to Wabbit. I feel like I'm talking to Lilly. I do miss her. I tell her all of my problems. What's she missed of life. The teenage bit. I told her I have finally started my period. She never did. Lucky her. I hate it. I tell her that I will never leave her. People think I'm still sad from her death. I haven't made any friends. I have the friend I need. That is Lilly. I wear the two friendship bracelets, when I feel sad I link the two hearts together. My Mum thinks I'm suffering from depression. She worries I will kill myself. I tell her I'm happy. I get every thursday and Friday off because I'm still grieving, I used to only have to go in at least once a week. It's been a year but being without Lilly is getting better. My Mum has taken me to the doctors countless of times. They say I am just grieving, I see a counselor, they say I'm making progress, I just need to make more friends. To try and interact with my classmates. I always refuse, I tell her Lilly is my only friends. It seems childish. But I miss her so much. Too much.
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