Time runs always and awaits none

It is about the struggle and efforts of a person who believed, 'time runs always and awaits none!'


1. Struggle

When I was a teenager, thinking about my future career I was convinced that I would either be a forester or a physicist! This interest caused that I pay more attention to physical science, and I continued my high school studies in mathematics and physics. When I was going to conclude my studies in high school, a social revolution in the Myth-land took place in 1978 that changed many things and norms; I however was very keen in continuing my studies in physics. Following the revolution in Myth-land the universities were closed for one year and then I was accepted with high score in the national entry exam to study physics in Myth-land’s biggest and best university of the metropolis in 1979. The Physics Group of the University at that time was the number one among the Myth-land’s universities that were offering physics course. It was only one year since the reopening of the universities in Myth-land that the alleged “Cultural Revolution” was officially announced by the newborn empire of dissimulation! It was indeed a messy situation in the Myth-land. The universities were closed by the bayonet and violently. The era of horror was getting to predominate step by step throughout the land. In that period the war between the Myth-land and its western neighbor began, and mass state assassination of the dissidents continued. I was witnessing these unfortunate and unfavorable events and was suffering and being hurt like many other university students in Myth-land. After about two years the universities in Myth-land began to reopen gradually and one by one but under a new unfavorable and restricting discipline imposed by the masters of the empire of dissimulation while many of the knowledgeable and experienced professors and tutors had dismissed or emigrated along with other specialists and technocrats leaving the land and the nation at the hands of evils. However, when my faculty in the University reopened in 1981, surprisingly I was not allowed to continue my interrupted study in the University actually for no any clear reason. It was really vain. In practice there was no accusation before me since I had never committed any crime. My only fault was that I had been beaten by the rascals and villains in course of the aggression of the government-supported gangs and pressure bands to the University on 4 May 1980. The self-styled religious government forbade me to continue my academic studies under the alleged plan so called “Cultural Revolution”. It was really a nightmare; however, it was there cruelly and affected many university students including me. It was not good for me. I left metropolis and returned my parental home in Maragheh, North Eastern Azerbaijan for more five years. Those years were one of the darkest periods in my life. Shortsightedness was predominating and there was no clear horizon before. I tried to overcome this unfortunate situation by setting a program for work, study and advancement. By self-training I committed to learn French language and advanced promisingly. I began to translate scientific French books particularly in mathematics and then physics.

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