Time runs always and awaits none

It is about the struggle and efforts of a person who believed, 'time runs always and awaits none!'


2. Standing up

After five years in light of some state reformist decisions I was only allowed conditionally to complete my interrupted studies for a bachelor degree in physics! At that time I was passing my military service in metropolis which was started early in 1987. The war between Myth-land and the western neighbor was continuing severely and with high and great causalities however I exempted of being sent to the battle fields in west and south west of the land because my younger brother was passing his military service in the battle fields. I passed several months of my military service in a garrison next to a camp of the enemy’s prisoners of war in south of metropolis. I later sent to another garrison in north east of the metropolis. When I had only 25 days to finish my military service I stopped it since a few months earlier I had been authorized to continue my interrupted study of physics in the University. In that critical situation it was the only way. But as soon as I restarted studying at the University, the universities forced to be closed once again this time because of the risks of the attacks of battling enemy’s forces to the capital and other strategic cities throughout the country. Half a year later the universities reopened and I succeeded to continue my study. After concluding my study for a bachelor degree in physics in 1991 I attempted to participate in the national entry exam for master degree in physics, however, I later learnt implicitly that my struggle was to no avail  since I had been authorized to only conclude my studies for a bachelor degree and there was a prohibition in following my studies for a masters and doctoral degree in the Myth-land.  It was very cruelly as well as unjust. Remembering that bitter situation is ever annoying, horrible and unfavorable for me. There was no possibility for me to continue my studies in higher academic level in the Myth-land. Some financial shortage as well as familial hurdles was not allowing me to leave home in that situation and particularly when it was under the sovereignty of the greatest enemies of its nation, dignity, respect, pride, culture and civilization. It was not fair to leave it alone in such the unfortunate situation, I believed. I therefore selected to stay and stand-up! I tried to find some applicable way to continue my academic studies for further knowledge and accomplishment. That was why I selected the distance learning program of an England based University after lots of investigation and study on the subject. The England-based University changed its office from Devon in southwest UK to Spentrup in Denmark in 2002. In the middle of the last decade of the second millennium the political as well as social climate in the Myth-land began to get moderate relatively. It was somewhat promising. The Myth-land’s Remote Sensing Center affiliated to the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone employed me in September 1992. The Center became the basis for the newborn Myth-land space agency that established in February 2004 under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and covered all tasks and functions of the Center as well as few other space related bodies. I gained some good achievements; however, I have never authorized to continue my high level studies in the Myth-land. I therefore developed my work and study by myself. I have ever believed myself to be the obligor to my nation and the humanity. Even as the first Myth-lander who has had a position in the Bureau of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN-COPUOS) since its establishment in 1958, I always followed the above-mentioned idea. UN-COPUOS is the greatest and highest international body throughout the world involved in the application of space for peaceful purposes. Unfortunately, like the early couple of decades after the revolution of 1978, again personal and bigotry ideological loyalty has been valued over competence since 2005. The nightmare began to emerge again influencing even selection of the individuals for occupying the official (and even unofficial) positions and capacities in all levels throughout the Myth-land. Since then this has threatened the security of the citizens mentally, socially, financially and physically, opening the doors for predomination of corruption in the society and enhancing it. This means that for being honest, clean and safe in this community one should bear a very dreadful pressure, torture and suffer very horribly without any shelter and support. It is the situation for the individual that intends to live free, honest and clean; it is a great regret indeed. I have been facing lots of discriminations, limitations and losses caused by the situation said above. Being and living freeborn and noble is the treasure that I have paid enormously for it!

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