Paws for thought with a furry friend


3. Passport to Freedom

At long last, a special voucher has arrived from the charity from where I was adopted, and this is apparently my passport to freedom.  It entitles me to what I hope will be my final visit to the vet's for some time - after which I will be able to go out into the garden and fields and the back.  Daddy says he can't wait, especially after scratches appeared on the new leather furniture (even though most of it is covered up with throws).  Little does he know I am planning to reward him with a small bird or mouse caught especially for him.

Mummy says she might put me into the "Naughty Kitty Club" - a blog for misbehaving moggies. To get into practice for this, I have been learning new things to do from a Simon's Cat book.

I keep gaining 200g ever week, and am looking like an adult cat now, even though I have only been with my family for seven weeks.  I'm still a bundle of fun, though.


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