As a boy of eight, Seth finds his life changed by a dark secret … something that he can’t possibly understand.

Years later, old faces, memories, and an envelope, draw Seth back into the web.


32. 32 - Bresh

   32  -  Bresh


May 15, 2383


The young officer smiles “Please follow me, Mister Tarot.”

Seth follows the pretty LED officer. He thinks about Jullian. They follow a long corridor, bustling with activity. He had visited the LED headquarters several weeks ago when he and fellow LED applicants had been given an orientation tour.

They pass a large, glass walled office. A memory flashes back to Seth of the time, ten years ago, when he sat in an office like that, crying.

They come to a door marked SI-4. The officer passes a security card by the scanner and the door slides open, revealing a large room with three desks. Detectives occupy two of them. They glance up from their terminals as Seth follows the officer to an unmarked door on the far side of the room. The door slides open as they approach. The officer steps aside and smiles, motioning Seth inside.

Seth steps into the small office. The sounds of activity in the building disappear as the door closes behind him. It’s dead quiet.

Detective Bresh sits behind a desk. He turns from the terminal. “Mister Tarot. Have a seat.”

Seth sits in one of the two chairs facing the desk.

“Mister Tarot, I know that you were enrolled to join the LED, so I assume you already know that I’m with the special investigations branch.”

Seth nods.

Bresh leans back in his chair. “I’ve been investigating the Blood Creed for three years. Before we begin, I just want to be sure that I’m clear about what happened to you. You were taken by the Blood Creed, you were with them for more than three weeks, and you escaped. Correct?”

Seth feels the emotionless eyes of the detective, watching him closely. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Alright, Mister Tarot.” Bresh turns to the terminal on his desk, touching the screen. “First, I’ll add your record to the others I’ve collected from people who’ve escaped from the Blood Creed.” He looks at the screen for a few moments in silence. “Well, what do you know?” He looks back to Seth and leans forward, across his desk. “There are no other records.”

Seth feels the urge to shift in his chair, but resists it. He looks at the detective, tilting his head slightly.

“The Blood Creed are known to have committed more than three-hundred abductions and murders. No one has ever escaped from them, except to a cloning facility.” Bresh leans back in his chair. “Tell me what happened to you Mister Tarot, from the beginning. How did you get involved with the Blood Creed?”

Seth takes a slow breath. “I was walking into Brooklyn mall and I bumped into a large man, dressed in red. I didn’t even think about it at the time …”


Seth tells the detective about his next encounter with the merc, and the unknown wielder of the tazer. He tells him about the symbol he found on the wall of the residence building. He tells him that his plan was to file a report with the LED, but that he went out late, the night before he planned to file it. He tells him that it was raining hard and the merc and one of his friends snuck up and drugged him.

Bresh interrupts. “Where were you going? Late at night, in the rain.”

Seth blinks, silent for a few moments. He suddenly realizes that although the effects that his stay with the Creed had on his body were healed and gone, the effects on his mind were not. There were gaps, nagging gaps in his memory. “I … I don’t remember. I don’t remember much about that day.”

Bresh gives a slight nod.

Seth tells the detective about waking in the darkness. He tells him about the three mercs, the drugs, and the games. He tells him there was another man, imprisoned with him, who is more than likely dead by now.


“Part way through a game, the mercs stopped and left quickly. The only thing that I knew for sure about the passage from the room was that it had a metal gate at the end of it. I’d hear it open and close each time the mercs came and went. This time, I didn’t hear it close. It was dark, but I dragged myself into the passage. I found the gate and it was open. I remember seeing light ahead … then, I woke up in the medical center.”

The detective raises an eyebrow. “So you dragged yourself to the medical center?”

While in hospital, Seth had asked the medic how he got there. She had told him that he was found in the street, about four blocks from the medical center. Two NYC maintenance workers had found him and brought him in. Mark had been smart, leaving him there and waiting until the next day to visit.

Seth shakes his head. “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”

Bresh looks at the terminal. “The medical report says that you were found a few blocks from the hospital. In your condition, you couldn’t have gone very far on your own.” He turns back to Seth. “I haven’t been able to locate the Blood Creed’s base of operations. You may be my best clue yet. We’ve started an extensive search in a ten block area around the place you were found.”

Bresh stands. “I’m sure you want to get home, Mister Tarot. I may be calling on you again.”

Seth stands, both surprised, and relieved that the detective had asked so few questions. He thinks about mentioning that his father was with the force, but decides against it. He feels uncomfortable in the small office, and he longs to see Jullian. “Of course, Detective Bresh.” He hears the door slide open behind him and turns toward it.

“Mister Tarot?”

Seth turns back to the detective.

“The Blood Creed won’t be happy that you escaped. We’ll be watching you for a while … for your own protection.”



It’s 4:30 in the afternoon when Seth enters the mall.

He takes a deep breath, sure that he can already smell the pizza from the level below. Jullian would almost be finished her shift. He walks down the ramp, past the marketing terminals, and rounds the corner to the restaurant.

Jullian isn’t there. A young man stands behind the counter. Seth has never seen him before. He feels his heart, beating fast. He approaches the counter and asks the young man about Jullian.

The man touches the screen behind him “Night shift. She starts at nine.”

Seth sighs with relief and thanks the man. He’d go to Tokyo, to Jullian’s apartment.


Seth stares at the pad on the Tokyo apartment terminal, his mind, drawing a blank. He was sure that he’d known Jullian’s apartment number, and the code. She’d told them to him when they decided that he would move in with her. She’d told him the codes and told him to remember them … that he had to remember them. No … that wasn’t Jullian. He takes a quick breath as a memory comes back to him …

… waking to a strange, blue light … a face on his vid-screen … Tristan’s face … apartment codes … codes that he had to remember …

Something hits the floor behind him. Seth jumps at the sound, turning quickly. Several containers of soda and two small boxes, bearing the logo of a Tokyo sushi restaurant, lay at the feet of a pretty, purple haired woman.


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