As a boy of eight, Seth finds his life changed by a dark secret … something that he can’t possibly understand.

Years later, old faces, memories, and an envelope, draw Seth back into the web.


19. 19 - Carry

19  -  Carry

April 19, 2383


Jax turns away, throwing his jacket over his shoulder as he heads for the range.

Seth takes a look up and down the street before he enters the residence building. He goes to his room quickly, making sure that the door is locked once he’s inside.


Seth looks at the page of copied computer code. A simple data shifting routine? Trinn’s information had only made him more confused. Why was this code so important to his mother? He slips the page of code into the envelope with the other papers. He puts the envelope at the back of the closet shelf and puts the CMG roster book on top.

Seth goes to the vid-screen and sits down. He checks the time ... almost noon. He pulls a small piece of paper from his pocket and unfolds it.



Dinner at seven


Seth touches the screen, and calls Carry’s number. He’s startled as a smiling face appears, almost immediately. It’s Carry. He opens his mouth to speak, but she speaks first.

“Seth Tarot! It’s so good to see you!”

He blinks, surprised that Carry recognizes him, and so quickly. “Hello Ms Mattice. I’m surprised you remember me.”

She smiles, silent.

“I don’t want to impose on you, but I remember you as a friend of my mother, Naomi. I’ve been looking through an old CMG roster book and …”

Carry interrupts him. “Seth, could we meet? Today?”

“Today? Yes.”

She nods, still smiling. “Come to Aquatica. I’ll send you my apartment code. Say, two hours from now?”

“Alright, Ms Mattice. I’ll see you then.”

“Seth …” her smile grows, “Please call me Carry.”

Carry’s image disappears from the screen.

Seth looks over to the window and out at the sky. He hadn’t known what to expect when he contacted Carry but he’d never imagined this. Why was she so quick, and so eager to meet with him?

A tone comes from the screen. It was mail from Carry, the apartment code. He writes the code on the back of Jullian’s note.

Seth stands and picks up his pack. He’d never visited Aquatica. He’d leave now and have time to tour the colony before the meeting.


Seth walks down the main hall of the residence building. As he nears the entrance doors, he catches a glimpse of a large figure through the front window. He stops, stepping back. It was the merc, waiting outside, across the street. Why hadn’t he come inside? Maybe Jax hadn’t given him the room number after all, or more likely, given him the wrong one.

The rear doors of the residence were a possible escape, but he’d still end up having to come around to the front of the building to get to the street. He could wait it out, but he didn’t want to miss the meeting with Carry. He’d have to try the rear doors.

Seth turns to head back up the hall. He glances out at the merc and something catches his eye. A group of five men, dressed in blue, coming down the street.

Turning back again, Seth takes a deep breath and moves quickly to the main doors, opens them, and runs down the stairs to the street. He comes along side of the LED patrol, walking close to them and smiling.

“Good afternoon officers.”

One of the officers turns to him as they walk, nodding slightly. “Good afternoon sir.”

Seth keeps pace with the patrol, staying close. He takes a quick glance back at the merc, and wishes he hadn’t. The look of pure hatred in the merc’s eyes sends a shiver through him.

Seth looks through the large, floor to ceiling windows. The vast plane of the Aquatica Sea stretches to the horizon. He’d enjoyed his walk around Aquatica, and its stunning views of the watery world outside.

He turns from the window and follows a sign, down a wide corridor to the apartments. He’d timed his tour well. He was only five minutes early for the meeting. He reaches for the terminal, entering Carry’s apartment code.


Seth steps from the gate and takes a quick breath, his eyes wide. He’d never been inside a penthouse. The main room was huge. Soft laughter draws his attention.

Carry stands by a doorway to his right, wearing a long, white robe, and smiling. “Do you like it, Seth?”

He nods. “Yes. It’s very … big.”

She turns, walking through the doorway. “Come in here.”

Seth follows Carry into another large room. Shelves of books and paper files line the walls. Stacks of paper files, a few inches to a few feet high, clutter the richly carpeted floor.

She directs him into a large, comfortable chair and takes one beside him. He looks at her badge … rank six.

Carry looks at him, her eyes, locking on his. Her smile fades away. “I wanted to speak to you, Seth. I know why your parents were killed.”

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