As a boy of eight, Seth finds his life changed by a dark secret … something that he can’t possibly understand.

Years later, old faces, memories, and an envelope, draw Seth back into the web.


16. 16 - Records

16  -  Records

April 18, 2383


Seth holds his student card up to the scanner and glances back over his shoulder. No sign of the merc. He enters the lab building as a loud crack of thunder sounds, bringing a heavy rain with it.

He stands in the main foyer, lost in thought. Who tazered the merc? If it had been the LED, they would have stuck around to make an arrest. In the back of his mind he had a suspicion. No, it was more a hope. Maybe it had been Tristan. He hears the main door open behind him, and turns quickly …

A small man enters the lab building. Seth recognizes him. They had been in a mathematics class together. Seth didn’t know Trinn well, but he’d heard that he was a computer wiz that had his sights set on finding a position in the Global Intelligence Service.

Trinn gives a small nod as he walks past. “Seth.” He walks on, toward the computer labs.

“Hello Trinn.” Seth follows.


Seth logs into the corporate careers node and finds his way back to the CMG roster archives. He searches and brings up a file …

Carry Mattice

Hire Date    10-10-2365

Dismissal Date    05-08-2374

Reason For Dismissal    Recruited by the Guardians of Mankind

She had joined the Guardians. Seth brings up her smiling image. He thinks back, remembering seeing her in the mall and on Pegasi. He searches again …

James Ferris

Hire Date    28-02-2366

Dismissal Date

Reason For Dismissal

Seth brings up the image. The man looks older and perhaps thinner, but it was the James he remembered. He was still with the CMG. Seth searches …

Telo Varschov

Hire Date    09-05-2369

Dismissal Date    14-07-2373

Reason For Dismissal    Deceased -  Cloning facility accident leading to perma-death

Seth stares at the text for a few moments before bringing up the image. It was the Telo he remembered.

He sits back in the chair. Three cloning facility accidents in such a short period of time ... his mother, Telo, and someone thought to be Tristan. He couldn’t believe that someone wouldn’t have found it suspicious at the time. Then, there was his father’s accident five years before.

Seth thinks about the envelope in his room. He knows that the contents must be important, that they probably have a connection to his parent’s deaths, might even be the reason for them, but he has no idea how, or why. He knows he needs help, but who can he trust? He had seen Tristan on Pegasi, but had absolutely no idea where to look for her.

He thinks about Mark and his unsuccessful attempt to find his new restaurant. Mark said that he’d known his parents well. Perhaps he had been a member of the CMG or LED at some time in the past.

Seth searches for ‘Mark’, wishing that he knew his last name. A long list of past and present members named Mark appears. One by one, Seth brings up the files and the images, looking for a familiar face …

No luck.

Seth logs into the LED career node. He finds the roster and searches for ‘Mark’. An even longer list appears …

No luck.

He logs off and rubs his eyes. He had a question for Jullian.

Seth stands and stretches. He heads to the lab door. As he passes by Trinn, he glances at the lines of code, scrolling up his screen. He stops by the door and turns back “Trinn?”

Trinn touches the screen and looks up. “Yes?”

“I was wondering if I could ask a favor.”

Trinn looks at him, silent.

“I have some computer code I’d like you to take a look at.”

Trinn glances back at the screen, looking anxious to get back to whatever it was he was doing “Alright, if it will not take too long. May I see it?”

“Oh, no, I don’t have it with me. Maybe this evening?”

Trinn looks suspicious.

Seth smiles “If you’re not busy, I’ll buy you dinner to pay you back for your trouble. I’ll bring the code and you can look at it at the restaurant.”

Trinn is silent for a few moments, seeming to consider the offer. He nods. “I know a good place. Do you like sushi?”

Seth sighs.


Seth runs through the rain, heading back to the residence building. He looks left and right as he runs, peering through the heavy downpour, watching for the merc.


Seth takes the envelope from the closet shelf. He sits on his bed and pulls out the papers, separating the pages of computer code from the rest. He flips through them, looking at the small, highlighted sections. He wonders if he’s doing the right thing. He hardly knew Trinn, but perhaps that was a good thing.

He moves to the vid-screen terminal and sits the papers beside it. He lifts a pile of Jax’s clothes from a chair, throwing them onto the small mountain of clothes on Jax’s bed. He takes a seat and starts to copy the code, just the highlighted sections, to a new document. It would take time, but he didn’t want to make any copies of his mother’s papers.


Seth walks down the ramp, looking across the mall to the restaurant. He smiles, seeing Jullian cleaning a table.

She smiles as he approaches. “Hi there.” She reaches out, giving him a hug.

Seth gives Jullian a squeeze, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. “Sorry about this morning. I would have invited you in but …”

Jullian steps back, faking a big pout. “Well …” she smiles and winks, “I forgive you, this time.”

Seth smiles “I’m meeting a friend from school for dinner tonight. Would you like to join us?”

“Sure, I’d love to. I’m almost finished my shift.” A customer, standing at the counter, attracts her attention “Gotta go.”


Seth sits at a table, watching Jullian as she cleans and serves up hot pizza. He looks out across the mall and up at the ramp, his encounter with the merc, still fresh in his mind. He takes the CMG roster book from his pack.

Jullian comes to the table. “Okay, I’m ready.” She smiles as she sees the book. “Oh, did you find an image of your mom?”

Seth nods. “Yes, but I wanted you to look at someone else first. You said that you have some connection to the Guardians of Mankind.”

Jullian’s expression sours. “Seth, I don’t really …”

“Please Jullian. I think that one of my mother’s old friends is now a GOM member. Could you tell me if you recognize her?”

She looks bothered. “Yes … alright.”

Seth opens the roster and points to the image of the smiling woman. 

Jullian raises an eyebrow, her expression, changing to a smile. “Yes, I know her. That’s Carry.”


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