For those who don't know what to do, just think about. Is life what it's worth...


5. Undone

With a knife placed at my wrist, I was ready to die. But only one person in the world cared about me, just one. My boyfriend. He cares about me, I'm still surprised he wanted to go out with me to be honest. He slammed the door wide open, and grabbed the knife from my hand. He put it down on my desk, and just held me in his arms. As I felt the warmth of his breath against my neck, I wrapped my arms around his neck. Tears fell onto my arms, and slid onto his shoulders. I removed my head from his shoulders, and kissed him. He held me even closer, and embraced it. I lead him to the bed, he followed. Never departing his lips from mine. That night was the best of my life, him at my side. Supporting me in my sleep, never looking away. Just there all night, watching I was still alive...
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