For those who don't know what to do, just think about. Is life what it's worth...


7. Undeserted

A warm glow revealed the light into my eyes, and then I saw him. Laying by my side. He was asleep, so I couldn't see his beautiful, blue eyes. But I can see his floppy lighter brown hair. And his sort of naturally spiked up fringe, but even that still obeyed the law of gravity. His head lay against my zebra printed duvet covers. He always said he wanted to sleep in the same bed as a girl, and now he has. The curtains suddenly opened, his eyes looked directly at me. He smiled simply at the sight of me, "You alright now?" I nodded, he responded in the same reaction. He lifted his left hand, and placed it against my cheek. My face lifted into a smile, I reached out for his neck. But instead, I stroked his hair. He pulled me closer into him, his arm around me now. I pulled my finger down his face and down to his lips. He pulled my head towards his, and he kissed my lips softly. I slipped my arm around his neck, drawing him closer against my chest. When our lips departed, I put my head against his chest. And he wrapped his arms around my whole body, keeping the warmth within me. Though he is my warmth, he keeps me warm at night, and cool in the long summer days. Even though it is winter, I do think about summer. Though I don't like the summer, it's too hot. Though the evenings are long, golden and warm. Everything has a glow to it, it's simple, and beautiful. Much like him, he was just, so handsome. And simple, not like some people, who are quite complicated. I will never leave his side, and I know he will never leave me. If Im ever alone, he's always talking to me on Facebook on his I-Pod touch. But not in a needy way, he just likes my company. And I like his. We've only been dating for almost two years, since about a week before my birthday. And it's December, and my birthday is January the 18th. Been dating since January 6th, almost two years. I love him so much, and I can't live without him. He's never left me, he's never deserted me, and I hope he never does...
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