lost moment



1. verse

I thought for forty four point five fragments of an unspecified time block in observation. Through and through it fell and flew, I thought that fewer moments fleeted and felt forlorn. It may have meant nothing at all, but I was taking the notes and “writing the quotes” verbatim, Yet I seem to be constantly querying with my self, as to how I could have got my timing so wrong,

A minute this way and a minute that way adds up to really nothing at all. Quantum time ran it from another book of rules reliant on electrical paradox. Two doctors thought on this and took opposing proofs and funding and school Heads created and the mythical monsters were released from their hermetic  box.

With no dreams and broken biscuits they were now too old to eat it Their starving doth bring extra time so laughing and playing a role Being far from the whole of the rest of the class and they hate it And the day-dreamer`s day for a moment will stay souly-sole.

  and a proper education passed failing unintuitive olden lore. Coping saw compromise  and I nodded pretending that I knew What I can`t tell you here is what I should have heard and more I was thinking like no one else, I did not know quite what to do.

At inaugurization at the only choice of a primary school, I went To do the test and be the best, I can only guess I didn`t listen. And to a saturated school of later tax-paying servants I was sent And from the very start I was taught that this was no place for mixing.

I spun away in record time ,and daydreamed as I do today. Happy times when right and wrong at the same time doth agree. Anything is possible, little is probable, I`ll properly want to say, Looking back as to how you are, wouldn`t you rather be me?  

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