Katie the fox cub

A cute story about 3 foxes who wonder deep into the woods. They meet a bear. two of the foxes end up as fox smoothies, what happens to the third? You find out!
I hope you enjoy it!


1. Off to the woods

A small howl echoed out of the large hole as a mother fox called her two young ones to her. She stood a meter away from the edge of the hole as Katie and button ran up to their mother.” It’s time for a walk, the rain has stopped.” She said in a soft voice “Think of somewhere to go”. They all started to think. “Oh, oh, I know! Let’s have a nice walk by the river; we might even see Pippy the duckling! Please, please, PLEASE!” Whined Buttons. “No, I think you are still too young and if you fall in you will drown.” Replied their mother, Angle. “Or the woods!” Cried Katie, the last and youngest one. “We might see Sammy the snail or Honey the pony, I wonder how many meddles and rosettes and ribbons she’s won so far!” What on earth bad could happen? Angle smiled a warm smile.   “ Ok then, but remember DO NOT talk to humans!” She warned them.

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