Katie the fox cub

A cute story about 3 foxes who wonder deep into the woods. They meet a bear. two of the foxes end up as fox smoothies, what happens to the third? You find out!
I hope you enjoy it!


3. Emily saves the day

“Yes, I’m ok; I’m just a little sore, tired and upset, Oh no! Mother said that I shouldn’t talk to humans! She said that humans are nasty and they eat animals!! Please don’t hurt me!!!” Katie said, trembling all over and edging away. “Wait y-you t-talk!” Emily said, her eyes as big as tennis balls. “Yes…” replied Katie, as if she was expecting Emily to finish what she was saying. “ I-I would never eat an animal, I am a vegetarian. Anyway, most people eat meat, yes, but no one eats foxes! Foxes are my favourite animals” Explained Emily. She saw that the fox cub had calmed down a lot now.  “Thank you! But wait, where can I stay!? How will I eat!? I’m an orphan now! I’ll die!” Shrieked Katie leaping out the bush and sitting in front of Emily. “Calm down, I know! You can live with me in my garden; I’ll put a box outside which you can sleep in. I’ll buy lots of fresh meat for you. My parents won’t mind, oh, and by the way, my name is Emily, what’s yours?” Emily said excitedly; she thought of all the fun stuff they could do together. “Really! I’d love that! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My name is Katie.” She said bouncing up and down and showing her little white teeth. And they lived happily ever after!

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