Katie the fox cub

A cute story about 3 foxes who wonder deep into the woods. They meet a bear. two of the foxes end up as fox smoothies, what happens to the third? You find out!
I hope you enjoy it!


2. Bear attack!

They had a wonderful time there. Angle had a nice nap under the sun, Buttons chased some rabbits and Katie found out that Honey had won 16 medals, 9 rosettes and 20 ribbons. No-one noticed that a little girl called Emily was watching them!  They were all laughing and joking until they came to a huge broken tree which had claw marks on and a skeleton lying beside it. Not a million miles away, whom should they meet, but a huge, nasty-looking black bear! The bear was shoving honey in his ginormous jaw, but stopped and stared at the foxes with a hungry expression on his face. Grrr! The bear charged towards them.    ” Run! Children, run!” Shouted Angle. “Quickly, go, go, go!” Screamed Emily in a shaky voice. They all ran as fast as they could, but the bear caught Angle by the tail, killed her and ate her. Button spun round like an ‘out of control’ car but sadly got crushed into a fox smoothie by the bear’s large feet. ”NOOOO!” squealed Katie, in tears. The bear gave up and headed back. Katie lay crying in a bush when Emily jumped out of nowhere. “Are you ok!? I hope you’re not hurt!” She puffed. Katie looked up at her; tiny tears ran down her little red cheeks.

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