The day i told him

millie's pregnant but not with Simon , her newly wed husbands baby but with Rons'
she knew she shouldn't have done it but managed to givin to temptation.
will simon forgive her?
Will she loose her saviour?
will Ron ever find out?
Millie better hurry up before things get out of hand<3

hope you enjoy it<3


3. Dinner

Come on love you've hardly touched your food!" Said Simon stuffing his mouth, " What's the matter? you've been like this since i've got here!"

"no nothing,  im just not very hungry!"

"Alright love i'll eat it for you, why don't you go and sleep you look like you could do with a rest"

"thanks Dave"

"it ok", she could barely hear him at the rate he was stuffing his mouth!

Millie clambered up the stairs , going a bit dizzy. All she could think about was the baby, and its father...and Dave. 

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