Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


4. Music camp

“Is is just her yes Just!” sang Alex. “Oh it is lexis Alex!” I laughed. I think we both were a bit hyper. “I know this is gonna be great,” we said at the same time. “Boarding to New York! Last call!” it said in the speaker. We got at the plain and slept all the way to New York. After New York we got a plain for Michigan and from there we took a bus to there the camp was gonna be. “Which direction?” Alex asked. “Left,” I guessed. We started to walk. “I am glad that you are my friend and not flirt, because when I had to take your things... Are you sure this is the right way?” Alex said. “Pretty, look!” I grinned and pointed at a big building with small cabins around it. “You are luckier than you should be,” he smiled defeated.

We found the way into the auditorium. “Alexander Brown, London, England? And Justine DeGame-Deeps, London, England?” a man asked. Alex nodded. “Sorry but DeGame is pronounced in French and I hate that name,” I corrected carefully. I expected that the man would get angry, but he just smiled a big smile. Alex and I send each other glance, In which we decided not to know each other, so we split up. We got our cabin numbers and schedules.

I started to walk through my cabin, but a message beeped in. If live are boxes. What is boxes when? There stood. I don’t know Steph... but have you forgotten that I am in USA and can’t write too much? I answered. Sorry, she wrote back. It was so typical Steph. I came into the cabin

. One girl stood frustrated and tried to tell some girls that she was called Ines and other two looked like big questioned. “Can’t you hear she is trying to tell you she is called Ines?” I grinned. “That is what she does?!” one of them exclaimed with an Australian accent. I looked from the two girls to the one. Were they addressing weak or something? When I had to hit myself, the one was speaking French. “Yes. My name is Justine, but I better like Just. I don’t know if you can hear it, but I am from London,” I told them. “Excusez-moi, mais je ne comprends pas, et pas moi,” the French girl said. I couldn’t stop grinning. “Je vous comprends. Mon nom est Justine et je viens de Londres,” I said. The French girl smiled big. “Je viens de Nice. Et je suis 17” I got goose bumps for a second. “So her name is Ines, she comes from Nice and she is 17,” I told the others. “Cool! My name is Nicole. I am 17 too and I am from Sidney,” said the Australian girl. I translated it for Ines, who nodded and smiled to Nicole. We looked at the last girl. She looked shy. “My name is Johanne and I am 16. I am from Aarhus,” she at least said. “Sorry, but where is that?” Nicole asked directly. “Denmark, a small country, just...” she grinned. “Just over Germany and across the water,” I smiled at her and translated for Ines. “How old are you?” Johanne asked. I looked embarrassed down. “15,” I mumbled. They grinned of my behaviour.

After out packing we went for the gathering there should be. We had our instruments with us, because we were going to show what we could. Johanne played flute at high level, Nicole el-guitar and Ines violin. “What do you play?” they asked. “This,” I said and clapped on my acoustic guitar. “Only? When you must be great,” Nicole said. I looked shocked at her. “No! Of course not... I am singing to, and...”  I let my glance out at the big lake and started enumerate. “Okay! We got it! What are you? Some kind of musician alien?” Johanne suddenly stopped me. “I don’t know,” I said.

We came inside the auditorium. People started showing what they could do, as their names were said. “Justine Deeps!” the man from before called Walter said. I flew up. “Yes!” I had been in my own world like I always were when I couldn’t concentrate me anymore. I heart Alex laugh. He sat just behind me and whispered: “Sure you aren’t in love with Dan?” I nodded so fast I could and went down. “And you play...” Walter stopped in the sentence. “a bunch of instruments.” “Mr. Brook has been very precisely I see. I thought he would write clarinet,” I said. Yet a time Alex laughed. “So that is what you are going to show us?” Walter asked. “No, I don’t want to play clarinet right now. I am gonna sing a song I have just written today,” I told.

Rest of this week were just nice. “The guy called Alex is just hot! And his guitar playing is so cool! If he wasn’t from England I would try to scoop him!” Nicole burst into our room. “Has he spoken to you?” Johanne asked with her Scandinavian accent. “Oh yes... we played together today. He taught me a new song. I was like ‘Oh god! He is just so talented, I can’t compare with that.’” “Did he flirt with you?” I asked. “No, am I the only one who thinks he does that all the time, except from when he burst into you. I have seen him burst into Delia and then he just started flirting, but with you he just starts laughing and goes on. Isn’t that weird?”  She wondered.

Alex and I had a plan for tonight. It was last night and we had open microphone, so we would play a Just A DATE number acoustic.

“Go back to the story!” I said very fast, with a big smile. “Oh yes. When he started to play a song didn’t know, but it sounded so good. ‘It is called London underground and sounds way better with band and singing, but I can teach you it’ he said with a smile. And he did. ‘You said it sounded better with band and singing. Do you play in a band normally?’ I asked. He smiled like he was thinking of something good. ‘Yes, me and some guys at home are playing together. We are called Just A DATE. If you ever come to England you should come and join us,’ he offered. And then we spoke. He is 17 like me and has got a twin brother, who plays drummers. He is from an ordinary English family,” she told. “Ah! The ordinary English family, not something I know well,” I grinned.

“Why not?” did Johanne ask. I hadn’t told them anything about myself, but now I did and I said it at French too, so that Ines understood it. “My mother is French and left my dad at Christmas, when I was 10. Haven’t seen her since and next week I am going to visit her,” I told. “That is why your French is so good,” they said.

We just went straight to the scene. Everyone looked strange at us. The multi musician talent and the cool guitar boy were going to play together. I sat down at the piano. “We have got the pleasure to end this evening with a song, we have written. It is called Stay with me and maybe it seems like there is something missing, that is only because it is written for a whole small band,” I mumbled into the mike. His green eyes looked at me and I started with my piano intro. “I know... that it is late now. I know... that you will go now. But please stay with me. I am so lone and hate to see you go,” I sang. For the place where I always play flute I had borrowed Johanne’s. Then done with the song Alex gave me a big hug and people clapped.

A message beeped in at my mobile, when I came back to my place. I know you didn’t wanted me to write, but girl... the last 24 hours You left me has been seen a million times! I was so shocked that I went at twitter (the price is very high) and here to my followers had gone up. In shock in the middle of a music camp! Thank you peops! I wrote.   This was crazy.

“Why didn’t you tell me, that you knew him?!” Nicole yelled and punched me softly. “Band deals... like in school, Alex and Thomas are schools cool guys, hanging out with the sport guys, Eric is schools clown and Daniel the schools sweet n’ tuff guy, I am the weird music girl who always gets thrown up at the inspector, don’t ask me why, teachers just don’t like me, and hang out with the crazy, mysterious and cool Steph everyone wants to be with, but who always ignores them. You see, some of us are meant to get ignored, some to get seen, then it is easiest just to ignore the fact that you are actually are best friends all bunch.

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