Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


8. Just A DATE

“Hey guys I know I haven’t been laying something out for some time. But I have been expanded a bit, so that I have got some other parts of me. Ha... just joking. This is my boys, who 8 months year ago started a band called A DATE, A for Adrian, D for Daniel, A for Alex, T for Thomas, E for Eric. But two months after that Adrian left, and a week later they changed their name to Just A DATE, because they got me. Guys say hi to the viewers and coming fans,” I grinned as Eric hyperly sat up beside me. “Hey, I am Eric and I play guitar!” he said. “Guys where are your manors!” Steph grinned when the other just said a lazy hi. As always she was the one with the camera. “Gone,” moaned Alex, but Daniel slowly sat up. “Hi, I am Daniel and I play drummers. I am sorry, but my brother Alex who plays guitar is just too lazy to do anything,” he said smiling. After that comment Alex and him started to fight. “Quiet boys, I think Tom is a sleep,” Eric said with big childish eyes. We all went to look at him. “Nurh! This is Thomas and he plays bass,” I said, as Eric slowly took a grip in one of Tom’s hair and pulled it out. “Auch!” Tom shrieked as a girl. “I didn’t sleep!” “Yes you did... you fell at sleep in Hyde Park,” I teased. We sat at Hyde Parks green grass right now. I turned to the camera. “But the point is, that I will come with some videos of me and these guys playing our own songs before evening. But until then see you later,” I told and laid my head, at Alex stomach, yawning.

“Guys, we are going home and play some music!” Eric said hyper. “Why did we let him drink Red Bull?” I asked. “He is actually right,” Steph said. “I know,” Alex answered. “Hey guys! Wake up! You could just have gone to bed before 5 in the morning,” Steph said. “And let Toms win the game? Never,” Dan yawned. “Why are you always going to be so sensible Steph? I really like you, you know,” I murmured and closed my eyes. It was a sunny day, even though it was only spring. Not long after that I felt something wet in my head. I fast got my eyes open and saw Eric run away. “Eric!” we all protested and ran after him. He ran out of the park and into Hyde Park Corner Underground and beeped himself in. We all did the same. He ran down to the trains and us all took the next Picadillyline to Leicester Square and changed for the Nothernline to Alex and Dan’s home up north. Finchley, to be precise.  

The guys found their instruments and they we were ready Steph cam with her cam. We was in the garden because it just was to hot inside. And we started to play. To play music is like play a game, just funnier. And as promised the videos lay at Youtube before midnight.

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