Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


3. Easter holiday in France gets saved by another offer

It was crazy! The views at one of the videos with me, is exploded. Some thinks I am going to be the next star, who is discovered at youtube. It doesn’t look like... And I actually don’t care. It knocked on my door. “I have just spoken to your mom... You have to come to Nice and visit her in the Easter or...” he said tiredly. I could hear he just wanted this conversation. “Or what?!” I sputtered. “She will sue me,” he sighed. Anger had been on the way and now it grew faster. My mother is quite rich. She is a famous writer and writes for girls at my age, pretty embarrassing actually, and lives at her father’s huge wine yard in Nice. She is a greedy and demanding to, but still satisfied about her life and don’t understand why I doesn’t want to come and visit her. She is my dad’s opposition. He is so poor that he doesn’t even have enough money for an apartment with rooms for both me and my sister, but he has got enough and don’t want more.

“Okay, for you dad... but never again,” I declaimed already having my shoes and jacket on. I ran down at London’s filled streets. I went up north, to Hyde park with the underground. I sat down at a bench and cried. Minds came to me. “Why are you crying?” a soft voice said. I looked up at a boy. He was a year older than me and quite hot. If I weren’t with Daniel I would have started flirting.

And yes! Daniel and I are together. I think I am in love with him, but sometimes it is like we are only meant to be friends, so I don’t know and it is yet a reason of crying. “I don’t know,” I told the boy. His ice blue eyes flickered. “Aren’t you that girl who sings Stop!?” he asked. “Yes,” I couldn’t help but smiling. “Still why are you crying?” he asked. “My mom threatens my dad with sue him, if I don’t come to her place,” I said honestly. He looked I came from the moon. “I know... It is not the most ordinary problem... You thought that I was crying about a guy, and if you came and were sweet to me you could scoop me,” I grinned. He looked like he had just been revealed. “How did you know?” he asked. “Well you look like a guy who is good at girls and two of my best friends is that too. They have taught me how the hot guys are thinking,” I explained.

I was talking about Alex and Thomas. They were both a kind of players and they were the ones who taught me everything about how to flirt and how boys are thinking. That is what I love. I have always been a weird kind of a boy-girl, and now I have got four best boyfriends it just feels like I am in the right place.

My mobile rang. “It has been nice to talk to you... but I have to take this. It is my boyfriend,” I smiled at the boy and left the bench. “What is up Dan?” I said freshly. “Can we meet in Hyde Park?” he asked with a weird voice. “I am there right now,” I answered. “Can we meet right now when?” he carefully asked. “Well, where are you?” I asked. “At the other side of the lake,” he said. I looked over and easily found him. His tall and strong figure and the curly redbrown hair were easy to know. I ran around the lake and there he was.He was quite hot himself, but he didn’t use it, like his twin Alex did.

He sadly smiled at the sight of me. “You’re beautiful with your brown hair, blue eyes, fine facial features and red cheeks,” he said. “Thanks,” I blushed. “But I have got to be honest to you... I think... I think I am in love with another girl, so I have to break,” he said. I breathed out relieved.  “Who is she?” it flew out of me. “Just a very beautiful girl I met at a party last night. Why? You won’t hurt her right!” he said hard and tightly grabbed my arm. I sighed. “Of course not Dan! I just wanted to know if I knew her. Honestly... I wanted to break up with you before Easter, but I couldn’t get myself to do it,” I said. “So best friends?” he asked and spread out his arms. He is like 10 cm higher than me and I am 173. “Of course,” I grinned. 

Again my mobile rang. “I think your Easter is saved but not the week after that...” my fathers voice sounded grinning. He loved the thought about, that my mom’s plans get ruined. “What?!” I said shocked. “Well, John called. He wants you to come at a big international music camp in USA. For one time he times his ambitions for you very good. It is a onetime offer and if I know your mom right she won’t oppose this,” he said cheerfully.  I shrieked of happiness. “Do you call your mom yourself?” he asked. “With this... Okay,” I mumbled still smiling very big. John is Mr. Brook. “What?” Daniel asked. “I am going at a music camp in USA!” I grinned. “Alex is too!” he smiled back. This made it even better. Alex was what I will call me as a boy, so it was going to be POWER!

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