Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


1. Daily life of Just

The first thing I heart, when I woke up was “Baby, baby, baby ohhh... like baby, baby nooo...” I felt the irritation rise. “Turn off that music sis! You know that guy annoys me to hell” I yelled out in the room. “When you have to wake up!”  Lucie grinned. I threw a pillow after her as hard as I could. She was 10 and actually pretty cool by of her kind, just not when she liked to bully me. Quite obviously, right? I looked empty out in our common room.  “Just! It is now!” my dad called.

Both my dad and sister are type A personality and I am 100 % like my dank mom. I don’t like m mom. She left us to go back to her homeland France. She took all the money, so we have live in a small apartment, me and my sister sharing one room and only a small bathroom, which is wet every time someone has taken a shower, and that was the first I was going to do.

I took a fast shower and wrapped a towel around me. I looked in one of my two clothes drawers. “God! When did you wash at last?” I asked my dad. “Ehm... I think it was last week,” he answered. I sighed. My dad is a bit discrete when it comes to housekeeping. Knee high dark blue socks, the tartan blue skirt, a white shirt with the school sign, tartan blue tie, and dark blue sweater. I ended up with gathering an orderly uniform. I went to the kitchen where my dad sat and prepared himself for today. He is teacher at my school luckily he is not my own teacher. He didn’t have a class before 10 so he wasn’t in a hurry, like me

. I ate a bowl of cereals, put my hair and mascara, and took a fast look in the mirror. I had god my dad’s chocolate brown hair colour and mysterious but friendly blue-green eyes, rest of it were my mom.  I took my winter coat and dark blue Converse on and swung my schoolbag over the shoulder. I opened the door and was almost falling down from the steep and uneven stairs. I ran as fast as I could, but stopped suddenly to make place for some B&B guests. Yep, we live over a B&B/hotel, a bit special. “Morning Mr. Dali,” greeted I fast to the B&B owner. He was an Indian man in the 50. I stepped out at Nevern place and ran down to Earls Court underground. I breathed light up, when I saw that I had 5 minutes and started searching for my underground card. Crap! It was at the kitchen table at home. I ran back and got it. At last I stood in the propped tube on the way to Edgar road.

“Cleve, Stephanie!”  Headmaster declaimed. Steph marked herself. She had been my best friend since we started in Nursery. I ran into my place in the row I was the next after Clover, Roger. “DeGame-Deeps, Justine!” Headmaster now declaimed. “Only Deeps,” I corrected him breathless as every day. It was the normal morning procedure.

So it was lessons. English before the morning break, math after, when lunch in the family groups as several. The family groups is some kind of weird idea the school council has got, but in some ways it is great. It does that we don’t have popular people and less popular of course, as much as we maybe would have had, but it is still crazy.

After lunch I had a history lesson, when we had the daily DEAR, which is yet a crazy idea. It is an hour where we sit almost 500 pupils and reads all we want. I couldn’t concentrate me about reading in all that time so I ended up with writing a short message to Steph. She threw it back. “Miss Stephanie what are you thinking you are doing?” I terrified voice said. Stephanie looked down in her book. She was quite a teacher’s favourite in the opposition of me. The schools oldest and most annoying teacher stood looking sharply at us. “I am sorry Mrs. Williams. Of course it was me,” I said and started to read again. “Of course it was you Miss DeGame,” she said snake like. “Justine or Deeps please,” I couldn’t hold myself back saying. “Justine when,” she answered sharply in French accent. I got goose bumps. She sounded like my mom.   “Why can’t you just sit and read your book?” “Difficulty concentration in academic subjects,” I muttered. Something the doctors said when I got studied for ADHD. I hadn’t got it, but I still can’t concentrate me sometimes. “Oh right! To the headmaster!” she commanded. I sighed and went to his office.

“Can’t I just go again?” I asked tiredly. He looked at me. “Of course,” he said relaxed. “Wait,” he added. “I have made a new deal with Mr. Brook. You are going to have some more hours of music.” I wrinkled forehead. “I thought I had got all the music I could,” I said. “Your father gave up getting your biology characters just a little bit better. But I still don’t think you are gonna tell him that the time you spend at biology is used as more music,” he smiled at me. The headmaster was my dad’s best friend and he knew that he didn’t like that I spend so much time at music. He didn’t think there was a future in it. I didn’t either, but I still thought it was the best thing ever, to play music. I went down to the music. It was my next subject, and totally my favourite.

 I didn’t get in before my the rhythmically teacher Mr. Brook smiled: “Girl! You know what you have got to do!” That is what he does every time, someone gets in. I found the clarinet and went into one of the small practise rooms. I fast got bored. I started practising clarinet 2 months ago, but like every instrument I have ever touched, it was easy. Not to brag, but I play so many different instruments that I am not going to list them, it would take much time. But piano and guitar is always good groundings. I went to hear the classic instruments practise in their practise room. All the classic instruments were taken, this semester, so I couldn’t play along if I didn’t want to play at the clarinet. I went to the rhythmical again.

4 boys were practising. In music we set a goal and when we have three months to reach them. I reached mine last time and could now say that I could play the clarinet to. These guys wanted to cover a lot of Coldplay. I liked Coldplay. They were actually very good, but they missed a piano and the singer weren’t good. “I can’t... I haven’t got the voice,” protested he when they had finished. “Your right... and you are missing the piano,” said Mr. Brown. He looked slowly in my direction. “I don’t want to play the piano,” one of the guys said guilty. “You grown tired of the clarinet?” asked Mr. Brook. I nodded. “These guys’ pianist and singer dropped out. What about taking his place?” suggested Mr. Brook. I nodded again. “Boys! This is, if you want it, your new singer and pianist. I know she is a girl, but she masters every instrument she touch and I think she has got one of the schools most beautiful voices,” declaimed Brook. I blushed. I hated when he acclaimed me like that, but he always did. The one who had been singing before took a look at me. “Do you think you can catch up with us for the Christmas concert? Christmas lights I mean,” he asked sceptically. “Of course,” I grinned. Mr Brook came with some piano nodes and I placed myself with the piano. They all looked sharply at me. “4,3,2,1,” said the guy who had been singing. I started the intro and started singing when I came to the first verse. The boys started to smile and played along were they should start. “Okay you’re in! I am Alex, the drummer, is my brother Daniel, the bass is Thomas, and second guitar Erick. Together we are A DATE. Our singer Adrian selected to move to New York and let us stuck up here,” said Alex who played guitar himself. I fast got the wordplay, A for Alex, D for David, A for Adrian, T for Thomas, E for Erick. “No your Just A DATE,” I smiled. They looked weird at me. “I am called Justine, but people calls me Just,” I explained they nodded. We practised a lot. 

After that I had damn French... I don’t like that subject, although I speak the language floating. When you think, when does she off school? I can answer 5 o’clock every day.

I took the tube home again. My sister and dad was already home. The entire apartment smelled of lasagne. I sat down and made some homework before we were going to eat. I made the last of my homework and turned my computer on. I went at Youtube to see if Steph had made some new videos for our channel. She likes making films and stuff like that and often she films me playing music.

I am very glad for all the positive response at Casimir Pulaski Day, she had written. What? I thought. I found my cover of Sufjan Stevens Casimir Pulaski Day (It would help at your understanding to search this at youtube) and saw that many people had commented it positive. I saw the video one more time. I sat down in a lot of pillows with my guitar and played. I had we had taken the song and guitar playing; I played the riff at a trumpet Steph found, so it just wasn’t the guitar.  Wow! And it is the same girl who is playing the trumpet right? Was the last commentary. Yes  it is, I answered. All the way down at the side there were just like: God! It is great! The video had been seen of near 10000... That was quite a bunch. So now I am just writing all this down.

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