Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


5. Band mangement and maman

I sat with Alex on my right side at a two mans table. It was the camps last day and after this we were going home, or rather, I was going to France. The subject was called Band management: How to have a band. We should all come with a problem we had in our bands back home and rest of class should talk about how to solve them, if the class was blank, the teacher would help.

I soon slipped into my own world as always when I couldn’t focus, but got awaken by Alex’s voice. He was grinning. “Why are you grinning Alexander? This is not a funny problem!” corrected the teacher him. Alex got serious. “It is just... he sounds like me. I think I can help with that problem. My bands at the beginning pure boys like yours, well only the 2 first months, because when our singer and piano decided to move to New York. I can sing, but I am not a singer, another guy can play piano, but he is not a pianist, so we needed one for that. I don’t think we took it very serious, because we only thought our band should keep on one month more, but when our teacher introduced us to one, he thought would be perfect. The problem was that it was a she. Like your problem,” he smiled in the direction of a boy. “So the problem is that he needs a band member, but it is a girl?” I asked Alex. The entire class looked blaming at me, but Alex knew it was normal, so he just smiled even bigger. “He let the girl in... but I don’t know if the band is satisfied with that,” I said. “She was the girl... and if she wasn’t there we would not be a band today,” Alex explained when people looked wondered. “So my advice is: Try and let her in... some girls are quite rocky.” “Good advice and explanation Alexander! Your band seems quite professional. Lay your problem out,” the teacher said excited.

“It is maybe a bit too complicated, but it is the only problem we have got,” Alex said a bit sad. The teacher nodded. “One of our members is quite successful alone, and he or rather she could do without the band. And well the band wants to be something big... and we can be with or without her. We could get another singer and things. What I mean is that she might, will leave the band and we can do without her, but we like her, like she was our little sister, so we want her to stay. Me and the others has been talking about that if we still use her as the singer she will take too much attention from the band, because of her success alone or will she just draw attention to the band?” he told sadly. I laid my arm around him. “Sorry,” he smiled sadly. There was quit all around us. People just looked. I don’t think they found it normal that we were so tight and the problem maybe wasn’t easy.

“Maybe we should take my problem. If we say I am the girl he is talking about, and I say that I have been thinking about that I am growing bigger without them... I don’t know if should choose to find out how to drag them up or just go single, like I always thought I should lets. Let us say I have never considered if I should stay in the band and be at the top with them, but I do it know... Should I stay in the band or go single?” I suddenly asked. People seemed to like this question. “Stay! You can always go single!” “When we know that... Mr... Okay, I haven’t been listening, don’t send me to Walter, do you know if I am gonna draw attention from the band?” I asked. The teacher smiled satisfied of this question. “Not if you do it at the right way,” he smiled friendly. A bell rang and we got out.

Our things lay just outside the classroom. The busses were bad coordinated. I stood talking with Ines, Johanne and Nicole and Alex was talking with some guys he had spent lots of time with. One of the guys there was going to England later in this spring and would come and hear us play.

Suddenly a big black car drove up at the side and a woman with ice blue eyes, honey blond hair, young and business like clothes at her perfect body. Everyone looked up and where like WOW! What is she doing here? I didn’t, but I maybe should have done. “Justine!” her voice sounded sharply and happy in the air, with French accent. Everyone who knew it was me stared. I turned very slowly. I made a weird face. “Maman? What are you doing here?” I asked. She got an certain look. “Can’t a mother come and get her daughter after a music camp? I have been at a book signing in Detroit, so I could come and get you anyway. And please: Parler francais, ” she said. “Great,” I muttered. “Everyone this is my lovely mom. Maman... ce n’est Nicole, Johanne et Ines, Ceux que j’ai vécu avec, et Alex á patir de mon groupe,” I presented and when I got an idea. “Bus sont mal coordonnés. Il peuvent functioneer avec?” She nodded. “You want to drive with us?” I asked. “May we?” Nicole sighed. “Elle a la voix égale,” Ines said. “Maybe you understand English now, but I didn’t understand a brick of that,” Nicole smiled. Ines grinned. She hadn’t got the luck to teach a single word of English, but seemed to understand everything now.

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