Every instrument Just touches makes beautiful music. And of course... music is her life, or her life would be pretty boring. She lives in a very small apartment in London with her dad and sister, because her mom left them with all the money. In the teachers don't like her and sends her to the inspector. The other pupils just ignores her except for the popular girl Steph, which is her best friend.


6. Adele

Finally home! #ILoveEngland I tweeted. I sat in the tube with my big trolleys. France weren’t me, that’s so true. My mom had been ok all week, but I still didn’t like her. I went to her twitter. I didn’t follow her because it would look like I liked her when. Finally my beautiful daughter @JustDe got to France... God she is grown beautiful! She had written. My mom has got lots of followers, because of her career as girls writer. With the tweet two very good pictures were, one where I walked along the beach in sundown and another where I sat with my guitar, dreaming, looking out of the window. Gosh she is really beautiful! The retweets said. Thank you guys! I tweeted myself as I walked through Neverne place. I locked my mobile and pressed on the button. “It is Just,” I said and the locker opened. “Hello Mr. Dali,” I smiled of the known face. “Someone has been at holiday,” Mr. Dali joked with his Indian accent. “No, at work,” I said seriously, starting the long way up at the uneven stairs. The B&B is not the most modern or the most comforting place in the world, like our apartment. Finally I found my key and got the door open. I burst into the apartment. Nobody was home because it was Monday and noon. At the dining table a letter to me laid. It had the school’s logo on it, so I wondered a bit.

Dear Just

Welcome home! Tuesday we start the spring concert preparations. This year’s theme is English singers. We have chosen the singers Lilly Allen, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Adele and Cheryl Cole. As a common number we play I’ll be waiting by Adele... Great, that do I need a letter to know, I thought, when I got to that, but I continued reading This year we will delegate the singers to 5 of the schools best singers. They are going to plan, who they want to play behind them. Yes you are one of the singers. You are going to sing Adele. Please gather a selfless wish band and take your plan over songs and bandmembers, with you to the meeting 7 o’clock Monday evening.  

Yours sincerely

John Brook

I smiled. This sounded great. I found my iPod and started to play Adele. I seriously love her voice. I took all the clothes out of my trolley and went into dad’s room to throw it in the laundry basket. God! I sighed it was already totally filled. I found a bigger basket and threw it all in that and started a slowly decent down from the stairs. I was going to wash at the family Dali like always. They lived in the basement beside the kitchen and guest dining room. “I am going to do the laundry all day!” I informed Mrs. Dali.

Luckily they have got two machines. I woke up and looked into some black-brown eyes. Aafreen Dali! “Someone fell asleep while they were doing the last laundry,” he joked flirting. Aafreen is quite hot, but no more than a friend for me, no matter how much he flirt. “What’s clock?” I asked tiredly. “5 in 7,” he said. I jumped up. “Can you do me a favour?” I asked. “Anything,” he grinned. “Take the laundry out. I have to go now, but I will come and get it,” I said and ran out.

I burst into the teacher’s room.  Everybody looked at me. “Here in England we come to the time,” Mr. Brook said half teasing, half sharply. “A proof that I have got French blood in me. Down there nobody comes to the time, or it is just my family,” I smiled. Some of the others started wishing. The two other girls were all wishing to get my boys from Just A DATE. I knew every girl at school was jealous at me, because I sang in front of them, even the girls who didn’t sing. The guy who was going to sing George Michael, wished Alex for guitar, quite understanding and the guy who was gonna sing Paul McCartney Eric. As always I waited to the last.

“I just take Daniel, no matter what,” I said certainly. “And Thomas, and Eric, and Alex,” sneered one of the girls. “You can’t have all of the boys,” Mr. Brook said relaxed. I looked wondering at them. “I wouldn’t! To get Tom, Eric and Alex to play Adele? Her music is quite to slow for them. I was more thinking that Alex should go to George Michael, Tom to Lilly Allen and Eric for Cheryl Cole. I don’t care, as long as I get Dan. My playlist is Turning tables, He won’t go, Rumour has it, One and only, Lovesong,” I said very fast. “And I’ll be waiting and Hometown glory,” Mr. Brook added.I looked terrified at him. “Isn’t that going to be a very long concert if we are going to play all that?” I asked, pointing at the whiteboard. “We are cheating a bit,” he grinned. I forgot that.

Mr. Brook and Miss. Bones were in war, about... I know it sounds a bit strange, but have you ever read some Shakespeare? I got forced into it once upon a time and only one of the tales caught me. The tale I want to compare with actually. It is called a Midsummer night’s dream. If you know the story you know that the fairy king Oberon and the queen Titania fights about a servant boy. Well that is what Mr. Brook and Miss. Bones do with.... me. I found out of it shortly after the Christmas concert, when they stood backstage and argued about which of my performances were best: The classical or the rhythmical. If my dad knew how popular I am in music, he would hurry to take me out of music. He still doesn’t think that music is a way of living, for me. I do now. Too many people have told me that it is, to that I can believe at anything else. Music is my way of living, even if I have to be something else. But they want me to choose side. Classic or rhythmic, they can’t accept that I play rhythmical, but sometimes like to play classic. I really think they are in love, but that is not something I am gonna mess in. After all they are only my teachers. No I have written 8 lines about my teachers’ relationship?! Back to the story!

Mr. Brook pointed at some numbers with my name. I couldn’t stop myself in smiling. I ended up with getting it how I wished.

Until Friday I was busy with configuration of the band and when we moved into the theatre, a choreograph came? Well I don’t know how they got her coming... but there was suddenly some steps to teach too. Secretly I practised Hometown Glory, to get it ready. It was a small surprise and a praising to London. I stood backstage, eating everything nearby. “Have you got anything to eat Alex?” I whispered, when no one looked. He laid his hands at my shoulders. “Stop eating your nervousness out. It doesn’t work,” he told me with a smile. He knew that when I got nervous I always ate. Not that you could see it at my pretty skinny body, but I am eating all the time, when I am not nervous too. At the music camp I had bought food in the airport... a bit awkward, but I have got a very fast digestive. I looked down in the floor.

“It is He won’t go by Adele!” Mr. Brook presented. Alex pushed to the scene stairs, and I walked in with secure steps, and when the music played I forgot everything else and performed for my life. For the next two hours I ran in and out at the scene. “Bachs Wohltemprierte Klavier played by Justine DeGame-Deeps,” Miss Bones presented. People sighed. All the classic music had been on now and mine should be the last, so people were quite tired of the long classic. I took her microphone as I walked to the scene. As I sat down at the piano I spoke. “I want to correct her a bit, because in daily speech I am not called Justine DeGame-Deeps, but only Just Deeps. And if you want to hear Bach I have to disappoint you. I can’t. But I can play this,” I corrected and started to play the small piece that didn’t sound like the other, but changed it to the melody and started to sing. It all just spun around and I felt ease. It felt like every worried soul in the room, stopped worrying. When I stopped people started to clap and whistle very high.

“That was praise for the beautiful London. Hometown glory played by Just Deeps and she can stay at the stage, because her band is gonna play yet a praise for London. This is Just A DATE with London Underground,” he presented. Everything got changed out and the guitar riff started. It was a quite fast number with a lot of guitar. “People is hurrying in and out, ticket automats beeps them in and out, Pret A Mange is selling good, tourists checks the card an extra time. You know where we are? We are in London Underground, in London Underground. All over London, deep down in the earth, many trains are like flying away, feel the high tempo. Where are we? Yes we are... In London Underground. A girl hurries down at Earls Court, she is much too late, but she knows the high tempo and follows it around. She can tell you where you are, anywhere at the card. Her simple answer will sound: In London Underground,” I sang grinning, looking over my shoulder at the guys, who was smiling just as big as me. 

After that some numbers where I wasn’t came and when Lovesong came. After that it was I’ll be waiting. I sang it with the girl who had been singing Lilly Allen, and she started, so I just waited at the stairs. She had all 1 verse and I the bridge and chorus. She started second verse and I took over after some lines and we continued in that pattern. I could be proud. My voice was perfect for this song; hers was more the characteristic Lilly Allen voice. The melody went directly into One and only, which I sang to while people gathered at the stage. I felt that I got lifted up and looked down at Alex and Tom. I grinned to them, and sang. When the song was done they sat me down and we started to get down from the stage. 

“This was King Salomon Secondary School’s spring concert. We hope to see you for the summer concert, where the Sixth form and students will present their musical exam. Goodnight, my ladies and gentlemen!” Mr. Brook said. The thought of the summer concert made me sad. I was only a GCSE student, but all my friends were Sixth form, I mean the boys and Steph. They was not going at this school after the summer holiday, but at different universities and when it wasn’t sure that they would have time for the band. 

“Wake up Just!” Alex waved in front of my face. I looked around. “We forgot something guys!” I grinned. They grinned with me. “Come on! Let us find Eric and Dan!” Tom said with a big smile. “I just have to turn on the microphone at first. See you at the stage,” I said. I did it and we met at the stage. People were just started to get out. Eric started a finger style; Alex a quite riff, Dan made a smooth and quite rhythm. Everyone turned around and looked when I started to sing. “No more than it. Come on girl. It is just it, or maybe us. It is us you are listening to. No more than it, I’ll tell you a hundred times, so you understand. Come on, listen. I know what it is. It’s Just A DATE. Come on look out, put your things together, pull yourself up, and listen. A guy has invited you out, but you don’t know if you are going. I tell you pull you self together and listen I will tell you a hundred times. It’s Just A DATE,” I sang the quite version of Just A DATE.

People were, for some reason, speechless. There was a indescribable peace.  “This was the last. I promise. Goodnight everybody,” I said relaxed, to the quite theatre and left the stage with my boys. The theatre started to wake up again. “What you did there was amazing!” Mrs. Bones had to admit. “And we thought you were seen... that we knew you. I have to admit that I haven’t heart you for long time and what a fail. You are talented all bunch and you have to keep on no matter what,” Mr. Brook said breathlessly. “Were we so good?!” I said shocked. Everyone around nodded.

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