My love {JDB}

This story is about a girl named Katherine. She's 16 year old and lives in New York.
But she have to move too Canada, Toronto because her parents died in an car crash. She's going to live at her aunt's and uncel's. In Canada she meets this boy named Gabriel, he's really sweet and Katherine starts to get feelings for him, but when she meets Gabriel's friend, Justin, her life changes completely...


6. A bad day...


Katherine's POV;


Finally the plane landed. I couldn't wait to get out of here. "Come on let's go Katherine!" my aunt said as she pushed me out of the plain. I didn't really want to go with them, but I had too. The first thing I saw when I stepped out of the plane was the sun. It was so warm here. It was nice, and I liked it. I looked after Justin, but I couldn't find him... maybe he already had gone out of the plane? I felt a little bit sad, but why? Why did I feel sad.. I don't even know him... this is wierd.


Justin's POV;


The plane landed, and we were about to walk out, when I saw her again. She looks so pretty. But she looked sad... why did she look sad? I could feel the anger inside of me, when I thought about her parents... they had been so mean to her on the plane.. why? Why were they so mean? "Justin. Let's go!" "Yeah, I'm on my way!" I looked at her for one last time, and then we went out of the airport. I hope I see her again.


Katherine's POV;


We walked out of the airport, and waited for a cap. It felt like somebody looked at me, I turned my head and saw this boy, standing in the corner of the building... wait... was that ... JUSTIN?! I kept looking, and suddenly the boy smiled. It IS Justin! I just smiled back, and then turned away. Why did he look at me? What was it that make me feel like I was drawn too him? I shook my head and looked out on the road again. Why do I feel this way? I hate that boy! I don't understand... I looked over my shoulders an saw he was going the other way... maybe I'll see him again? "What are you starring at?" "Nothing." I said, turned my head and looked at my aunt. She looked mad. "Then come on!" I took my stuff and followed her over to the cab. It would take 30 minutes to drive over to the house... 30 minutes in hell... great. 


Justin's POV;


Why do I feel this way? I don't understand it... I barely know that girl. While we walked over to the limo, that was waiting for us, I thought of her. I just couldn't get her off my mind. "Justin. We're at your granparentes in about 30 minutes. Okay?" "Okay." I looked out the window, then I fell asleep. 


"Wake up Justin. We're here." I opened my eyes and looked out the window. Oh how I've missed this place! I opened the door and got out. That's when I heard something... I looked to the right. Oh god... it's her. Does she live here? A smile grew on my face, while I watched her. She looked my way, and that's when I saw the red mark on her cheek. Oh god... did they... hit... her?! I can't  believe it. Before she ran into the house, I saw she cried. I felt so bad, just standing there. I should do something about it, but what?


Katherines POV;


I opened my eyes and saw we were here. "Why didn't you wake me up?" "Why did you fall asleep?" my aunt said and looked ice cold at me. "Well, I was tired. That's why." Oh shit.. I shouldn't have said that... and I was right.. I felt a burning pain on my cheek. Did she just... hit me?! "Wh-why did you do th-that?!" I said while crying. "Because you didn't answer me very nice. So you better should." I can't believe it. I got out of the car and slammed it. I just stood there and rubbed my cheek. That's when I felt someone stare at me. I looked to my left, and I was right. There stood Justin. I tried to smile, but it hurt so badly, instead there ran tears down my cheeks. I quickly looked away and ran into the house. This is gonna be hell!





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