Happily Ever After

Adrienne and Justin got engaged. They're wedding is coming closer, as well as Adirenne is coming closer to finding out a secret. A secret that nobody ever should of discovered.


1. We're engaged

Adrienne’s POV:

Three years have passed since Justin and I started dating. I loved every day, hour and second I spent with him. Since it’s our three year anniversary today Justin asked me out. I have this tingling feeling in my stomach and I just can’t stop smiling. Probably it’s just the thought of what could Justin do. You see, each year he does something so special on our anniversary. On our first anniversary her took me to Paris just to have dinner and if I can say so I absolutely loved it! Last year we spent our anniversary at the beach, I adore beaches. I don’t really know why but I just do, there’s something about them that relaxes me. I loved last year’s anniversary date.

This year I hope that our date would be something simple like a dinner because Justin always goes fancy about our dates, I’m not saying I don’t like that it’s just that I got bored going to all those fancy restaurants, hotels and places. I wish that we just stay at home and have a quiet dinner. - My wish came true.

- Three hours before the date

I went in the bathroom. Stripped my clothes off and turned the shower on. I stepped in the shower and enjoyed nice, warm feeling of water dripping on me. Washing my hair I mumbled some random melodies. Then I took my towel and got out of the shower. Walking into my room, facing my walk-in closet I started picking out the perfect outfit for tonight. Finally I decided on - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41209852 . I finished my make up and hair and waited for Justin to come.

Knock, knock.

I opened the doors to see Justin standing in front of me with a bouquet of white roses. Oh, if you only knew how much I loved white roses. “Hey.” I said hugging him “You look gorgeous, gorgeous.” he said smirking “Why, thanks.” I replied and closed the doors when Justin walked in “These are for you.” he said giving me the roses “Thank you so much.” pecking his lips I took the roses and put them into a white vase. “So where are we going?” I asked putting the roses on the table “I thought we could stay here and I could maybe cook for you?” Justin said smiling “That would be awesome. Better yet we could cook together.” I replied grinning. Justin nodded in approval.

Kitchen was a mess once we got done. So were we. His black skinny jeans were white from all the flour we used. My face was covered with flour as well as my dress and shoes. I didn’t mind it. I didn’t mind it at all. As long as I was with Justin I wouldn’t mind if I got covered with paint.

Chasing around the house I fell onto the couch . We laughed for good ten minutes. When we settled down a bit we were both silent for few seconds. Justin turned his head and stared at me. Turning my head to face him I returned the stares. He mouthed ‘I love you.’ I smiled and took a deep breath. Then he jumped up and picked me up by the waist making me scream quietly. He smiled showing his perfect white teeth. He put me down and place soft kiss on my lips.

He bent down on his knee. Tears of joy filled my eyes. Was this really happening? “Every moment of every day was better than the one before. You catch me from falling when I don’t think I can even stand. When we’re together nothing can break us. And when we are apart, the world just seems smaller. It’s time to show you what’s in my heart, it’s time to show you how wonderful life can be with somebody who you truly cherish. Adrienne Madison Miller, will you marry me?” he asked. I was now crying as if rain poured down my face. “Yes.” I said barely making any noise because I was smiling so hard and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. He got up and hugged me picking me up. I kissed him and didn’t wanted to let go.

After pulling myself together Justin and I decided to call our family’s and friends. Justin decided to let Chaz and Ryan be the first one to know. I agreed. I absolutely loved them two and I think I wouldn’t be who I am without them. The phone was ringing. Once. Twice. “Hello?” Ryan answered “Aye! Turn on FaceTime!” Justin shouted “K.” Ryan said as his picture appeared on Justin’s phone screen. “Oh hey Adrienne! Happy anniversary.” he added once he saw I was with Justin “Thank you.” I said “So what’s up?” Ryan asked “We just wanted to let you know that we’re engaged!” Justin said excitedly and I was now putting my finger that had a ring on it in front of the camera for Ryan to see. His moth were open in shock, then he finally spoke “Wow. Congrats you two! Hey mom! Justin got engaged!” he said. We heard a scream and Ryan’s mom was now on the screen as well. “Oh my Gosh you two! I’m so happy! Congrats!” she was screaming and grinning “Thank you. But please don’t tell my mom yet. We’re gonna call her after calling Chaz.” Justin said “Oh okay. Did you call Ryan first?” his mom asked “Yeah. We just thought that that was the best thing to do since Ryan was such big part in us getting together.” I said “Oh, okay. Congrats again! I’m so happy for you Justin. I knew you’re gonna find somebody as amazing as Adrienne to marry.” I blushed and Justin smiled “Thanks! Bye Ryan! We’ll talk soon.” Justin added “K. I still can’t believe that you’re getting married.” Ryan said “You better should.” I said. Then I mouthed ‘Bye.’ and we hung up on him. “That went well.” I said smiling.

Placing a kiss on my cheek Justin scrolled through his contacts to find Chaz’s name. “Justy! What’s up babe?” he answered “Turn on FaceTime.” Justin said “K, k.” as Chaz’s head popped up on the screen I put my finger in front of the camera. “Aye, nice ring Adrienne.” Chaz said not realising what’s going on I moved my hand out of camera’s way and looked at Justin “Are you dumb or what?” He asked “Probably, yeah.” Chaz admitted. I smiled when Justin said “We’re engaged - stupid.” “Oh so that’s what the ring thing was about. Congrats!” Chaz said “Thank you.” we said “We’re gonna call our parents now so, bye!” I said “K bye.” Chaz said and we hung up. He was not that excited. Oh well here comes the awkward part.

We called Justin’s mom first. “Hey Justin!” Pattie answered “Hey! Can you turn on FaceTime please?” Justin asked “Sure thing. Hold on.” she said. As her face popped up on our screen we saw my mom there too “Hey mom!” I said and saw my mom turning towards the phone. She was now sitting next to Pattie “Hey honey.! she said “Happy anniversary.” Pattie added “Thanks. But listen there’s something we wanted to tell you two.” Justin said. “You’re not breaking up, are you?” Pattie asked worried. “Noo.” Justin said “We’re engaged.” I said showing my ring. Our moms started screaming and hugging eachother, as well as they both started crying. Still screaming Pattie said “Oh my God! Congratulations! I am so so so happy! I always wanted Adrienne to join in our family!” “Thank you.” I said “Adrienne! Congratulations!” my mom said wiping of some tears from her cheek “Thanks mom.” I replied “Well we should get going.” Justin said “Okay. Well congrats again and bye!” my mom said we saw Pattie waving and hung up on them. Putting his phone on the table Justin kissed my lips gently.

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