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4. #Bromance

Now I never truly believed in Bromance until I discovered Tweeter. Bromance is not a sexual thing ( mostly) its like a brotherhood, a meeting of minds, a unity ... who am I kidding if they had tits and a vag I would be all over 'em!


whats the rules on talking to Ones Exs #BrosBeforeHoes #BoyCode I mean talk talk not Dik in the mouth talk is it allowed !?


 Bruv should we hit Italy .. I mean Mulignan are welcome right !?! #RaceCard #BENGA #NeverBeen


Sheeeeeeit am missing out on BnD Bromance movie time soon come #BIGFILM


fuck #TOWIE man, got that shit on record! Watch in my Time!


haha Ive been side tracked #Bouncers on C4 bar brawls and drunken up slut flashing tittys think spartacus but with more vomit


Yup my Kenyan driver drove into a pot hole like we in #Thailand #AA #BrokeCar


 See True bromance , man can speak truth and not feel no way about it, this is truly Bromance #NoHomo lol


Dialogue in #Spartacus is #Classic I wish I could drop " You present Cock to Piss on ME!?! " during my meetings


am seeing bare honeyDips following! #GetJezzaLaid need a wingman HOLLA I work for chicken and watermelons 


I want a Lion chest just like @Boon_Doggle #NoHomo #Justsaying


 #BloodGoreSex and a side order of #Shouting mans already got his thong and Gladius at the ready!


 bust a cap in a PoPo that will make you happy! Co op action after 10ish #GTA4


Girl want 2 get serious ,well she is female aint she, but man dont wanna commit..well his a man aint he #SoundAdvice from the Taylor #ledge


say no more FAM! 5mins gotta find the COD disk.. Think it may be in the street after my last rage-quit


I aint no pussy or nothing but ahhh lets play #VivaPinata


Seriously #Shitcunt just rolls off the tongue... No pun intended #justsaying


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