Elisabeth Grey

Elisabeth is a typical book worm, ever since she was a child she has been different, when the other children played she would read. But then a day she meets a boy he is new, and for once in a life time someone popular talks to her as a friend or maybe more? But what she doesn’t know is that this boy brings trouble, trouble she had never dared imagine. Does this trouble make her bring distance between them?


3. The Mirror

The next morning I woke up to a terrible yell, “Wake up, breakfast’s ready!” it was my mom, as usual she had tried to cook one of her special  healthy meals, and as usual I hurried to get ready and left the house saying, “Not hungry, going to be late,  love you bye!” And headed off to school. As usual as always school was I night mare, and it had become even worse, now I had to look at her the school’s most popular, and prettiest girl, flirting her ass off with  him, the boy I was in love with, ore since I don’t really know him at all, I would rather call It had a crush on. It was horrible, through every break we  had they were flirting, even in classes she send him little notes, and he smiled every time he had gotten one. As usual I spend my lunch break in the library, but having nothing I wanted to read, I regretted that I had lend him my favorite book, in fact the only book I wanted to read these times. And when I thought it through, I was probably never getting it back from him.

The next week went on like this, every day, boring. But this day I decided to do something new, after school I drove over to a house, that scary one in the end of the road. I never thought that I would go this far, but now when I was there, I had a strange feeling that drove me in to the house. Slowly I opened the door and stepped in to a huge dark entre I looked up at the ceiling, and there it hung, a painting hanging in four silver chains, it was a portrait of a familiar girl, just about my age. The portrait was old maybe from the fourteenth century, as I looked op the felling got stronger and I couldn’t help but walk in to a big room, at the end of the entre. I opened the door to the room slowly, and started walking forward a gigantic mirror.

I stood in front of the mirror and watched my own reflection; there was a small desk beside me. I slowly stretched my hand to grab a little red jewelry box that lay on the desk, as I saw my reflection take the box in her hand, I couldn’t feel the box in my hands, I looked down at my hand, but I held nothing, then I looked back in to the mirror and there I held the box. I made a hand movement as if I held the box, and opened it, looking in to the mirror the reflection opened the box at the same time as I pretended to do. I stepped closer to the mirror, and watched the girl that apparently was me. Actually it was not just the red jewelry box on the desk that wasn’t here in the room, in fact there where a lot of flowers and furniture that wasn´t in the room I stood in. But it all was right there in the mirror, I twirled around one time on my heels to get an extra look at the room, and then my glare felt back to the mirror. The girl was now wearing a silver necklace, with a golden heart. She smiled, but I wasn’t smiling, how was this possible? “Some body’s in here,” I heard a familiar voice say, I sprinted as a fast as I could, out of the house and forward my car, I sprung in to it, and started the engine. It drove off, away from the house, away from the portrait, away from the people that had heard me, and away from the mirror.


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