Elisabeth Grey

Elisabeth is a typical book worm, ever since she was a child she has been different, when the other children played she would read. But then a day she meets a boy he is new, and for once in a life time someone popular talks to her as a friend or maybe more? But what she doesn’t know is that this boy brings trouble, trouble she had never dared imagine. Does this trouble make her bring distance between them?


1. Grey Elli

This is not a story as the ordinary once. This story is more complicated, I was born in a small city named Scancel Maringe, weird name if you ask me, but you properly don´t. Not many people seem to be interested in me; because many people don´t know about me. I have always been scared of one street, it is the one no one but those who lives there ever dear to walk nearby, especially one house I could not stand. It was the one in the end of the street, the one that was placed deepest in to the forest, not one single house was close to this one, they were all placed close to the town. The street was filed with houses in the town part of is, but as you went farther out in the forest the houses had more distance between them, and about a half mile before the house there where only trees, the trees closest to the town was very big , and had a wonderful green color, beautiful  was the right word to describe them, I thought. But the closer you came to the house the greyer and more lifeless the trees seemed to become, in fact, the whole forest seemed to become lifeless near that house.

No one ever knew who lived there, at least not anybody I knew. But as many  things changed, so did I.

My name is Elisabeth Grey, when I was a small kid my school mates called me Grey Elli, cause they thought that I was boring, you see I was not as the other kids, I liked sitting inside and read big books, when the others was outside jumping around on the playground, getting wet feet by the rain. I still enjoy a good book now and then, and some people still call me Grey Elli, I use to hate my name, but know I kind of don´t care, kind of.


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