Onesie Man - The Chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

Many moons ago there was a Hero and his name was Onesie Man


1. We don't need another hero


Many people thought it was just a drug induced fantasy , a story to scare young criminals to go straight, but I know the truth.

Onesie Man exist!


Many moons ago when I was just a boy I saw him, Onesie Man dressed in his infamous Tiger style Onesie . My mother was surrounded by 6 thugs all with knives. 


"We gonna gut you Missy and the Boy."


The tallest  fiends shouted. My poor mama was frozen by fear. As the raggmuffin  stepped forward to gut my moher, an "Onesierang" Flew out of the dark and hit him square on the nose. There wa a horrible Crunch noise as it impacted.


In a Flash the Tiger style Onesie landed   knee first onto the raggamuffin with the broken nose. Knocking him hard to the   ground  unconscious. with a mighty roar Onesie man shouted




With the speed of the puma, Onesie man punched the closest  thug directly in the Face knocking him out cold.

Side stepped just as another thug lunged at him, and connected with a perfectly formed round house kick to the unbalanced thug neck.

The other hoodrats tried to surround him but Onesie Man did a sweep kick knocking two down and side kicked the one standing straight in knee, bowling the thug over. Onesie man lined up an accurate upper cut to his Jaw. Sending him straight into the air like a raggy doll.


The scum on the floor got up and ran. Onesie Man turned to my mother smiled, then patted me on the head and in a puff of smoke disappeared.


There you go folks ONESIE MAN is real and you heard it from me.


Congo Bonaparte

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