DUI-victim discovers her 'gift'; ensuring the-guilty pay for-their-actions.


1. RTA

Laura, a young ‘girl‘ walks from her en-suite shower into the bedroom, touches her dressing-table, walks to wardrobe & strokes her cellophane-wrapped wedding-dress.  Sitting at the dressing-table she sips on her morning-coffee whilst blow-drying her hair.  Having brushed her teeth for the second-time that morning she applied make-up & dressed.  Walking to the front-door called ‘Bye mom‘ as she left for work.  Her mom looked through the blinds watching her only-daughter glide elegantly on the sidewalk to the crossing.  As traffic stopped on the red-lights she looked both ways & confidently started to walk; frozen on the crossing she caught-sight of a speeding-car veering toward-her.  Within seconds she felt the impact as she crashed into the windscreen before being thrown into the air & onto the wet-road...

‘Am I dead, why am I dead‘ blasted Laura, ‘Unconscious‘ came the reply.  Walking through the car-bonnet [hood] that struck her, Laura [spirit] leaned-through the roof & into the passenger-cabin.  ‘I smell beer & there is a can in the passenger foot-well‘.  With paramedics lifting the dazed driver onto a stretcher Laura glared at him, made a fist then found herself back in her own-body on a stretcher being lifted into an ambulance.

Coughing, Laura flailed her arms trying to remove the oxygen-mask.  Restraining her the paramedic assured Laura she would be okay & was on her way to hospital.  Looking the paramedic in-the-eye Laura stated ‘He was drunk, I was hit by a drunk-driver‘.  Mystified, the paramedic confirmed that was true; how did Laura know, maybe she overheard conversations.

Being pushed into A&E a woozy-&-stiff Laura confirmed her name-&-address, matching her ID within handbag the paramedics had picked-up from the road, awaiting examination.  Lapsing in-&-out of consciousness after x-ray Laura found-herself in a hospital-bed wired-up to monitors with student-nurse Khadija by her side...

'Laura is an unusual-name, were you named after a relative?‘ ‘No, a character in an old b/w movie; my mom likes both the 1944 classic & Frank Sinatra records...‘

Laura was played by movie-actress Gene Tierney; it’s a murder-mystery with a twist. Dana Andrews was the lead-detective.  You have never seen the movie, never heard of Gene Tierney or Dana Andrews.

Afraid-not replied [student-nurse] Khadija, oldest-movie I watched recently was 1983 Hong Kong romantic-thriller Esprit D’Amour with subtitles. Flatmate Tinno received the DVD from an e-friend; it’s about a young-'girl' who accidentally falls-off her apartment roof & sleaze-ball manager refuses claim. 

Her spirit haunts & falls in-love with the insurance-investigator.  Taking revenge on sleaze-ball-manager she casts a spell when he appears in a live political TV-debate; forcing him to approve compensation to her estate after trashing his political-aspirations when he advocates prostitution.  Other than having to read subtitles, it’s an excellent chick-flick.

When will my x-ray... results come-through, may I use my cell [mobile] to call my mom?  Your doctor will be on the ward this afternoon; we have phoned your mom, she will be here this evening.  I guess you are here for the week, just to be sure.  Are you up-to a glass of water, fruit-juice, milk or coffee?

Laura confided she had an out-of-body experience after being hit by the drunk-&-speeding driver...

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