Last To Know

Married-for 6-years 'girls' life falls-apart when attacked by husband with a secret past-&-present.


20. Second Home

With the continued success of the Canadian-operation & Karen graduating high-school Sharon & Stephen decided they should buy a second-home in Canada; they could easily afford-it & Karen wanted to take a gap-year, she never forget her vacation & the wedding... Katie had watched the video-footage & was really looking forward to visiting where she was conceived.  Karen made Niagara Falls seem so romantic & special, Katie was longing for mid-term [high-school break].

More than a vacation-home Sharon wanted something-more; somewhere that reflected her being.  A swimming-pool would be nice, though being so-far North a double-garage, views, access to stores... were more important.

Stephen had proposed a steel, glass & ceramic development facing Christie cancer-hospital [Manchester] readily transferable to Niagara Falls.  Essentially detached apartments, each with self-contained ‘bed-sits’, utilising quintuple-glazing throughout [including internal ‘walls’] & digital ‘clouding’ for privacy.  To the rear Japanese ‘Thunderbirds’ state-of-the-art car-parking, flanked on both-sides by multi-story green-houses.  Rooftop solar-panels, heat-exchange render development near self-contained.


Niagara Falls were truly-special, a new-build was preferred though something modern with walls-of-glass headed her wish-list.  Stephen felt-the-cold & loved natural-daylight so anything old was clearly unsuitable.  Internet-search revealed little-of-interest so she e-mailed their business-partner with her wish-list for help.  Clearly his business-contacts, knowledge of the area & ability to delegate would save hours of travel & viewings of unsuitable-properties.

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