Last To Know

Married-for 6-years 'girls' life falls-apart when attacked by husband with a secret past-&-present.


6. First Date

Kinda-like a ‘schoolgirl‘ Sharon waited in the kitchen with Helen for Stephens’ arrival; would she be asked to have sex, would she ask Stephen for sex?  Was she ready for a long-term commitment [whilst] waiting for her divorce to come-through.  Should she introduce Karen to Stephen, it all seemed very complicated...


Sharon approached Karen with the idea of mommy having a new ‘boyfriend‘ as daddy was in prison for attacking a stranger & mommy felt lonely in bed-alone.  There was no rush in making her decision, though if it was ok they [Sharon Karen & Stephen] could visit a family-friendly farm with kids-facilities; would Karen like to bottle-feed goats, lambs... throw corn to chickens.  Karen said she would really like to visit the farm & it was ok if Stephen came-along...

The weekend arrived & a nervous Sharon was up-&-showered really-early; making a picnic of sandwiches, sausage-rolls, chicken-portions, diced-fruit... she made flasks of hot-coffee & would take the cold Pepsi-cans, fruit-juice cartons... from the fridge when Stephen arrived...


They had a great day, Karen was thrilled bottle-feeding the goats, lambs, chickens, ducks & pigs & hit-it-off instantly with Stephen.  Stephen in-turn recognised Karen had the potential of being the daughter he had longed-for.  Still fond of Sharon there was a slim-chance of marriage when her divorce came-through.

Returning home Karen gave both Stephen & Sharon a hug, whispered ‘I love you mommy‘ leaving the couple in the kitchen as Karen watched Just My Luck DVD on the living-room 42” LCD.  ‘Karen had a great-day, you were wonderful‘ softly-spoke Sharon.


Stephen asked if they could travel to the coast the following weekend; Karen was still young-enough to enjoy the sea-side & a blue-flag award meant it should be fairly-safe.  Smiling, Sharon agreed, they kissed & Sharon joined Karen watching the movie.  As Just My Luck ended with Lindsey passing good-fortune to a young-girl in the station with a kiss Sharon asked ‘Is it ok to go with Stephen to the beach next weekend‘.  ‘Top, is it ok if I bring [Helens daughter & best-friend] Kylie‘ said Karen.  ‘I need to check Helen has no plans & if she [Helen] agrees we will all go‘ replied Sharon.

Helen dropped-by & not-unlike a ‘schoolgirl‘ herself asked for all the details, did Karen like Stephen & he her, was Karen upset when Sharon & Stephen kissed...  Everything was fine & though early-days Sharon confided she was sure the ‘magic‘ was still there & why-oh-why did she turn Stephen down 6-years before. 

Helen asked if she should be shopping for a bridesmaid-dress & how soon could she properly-meet this bloke who had such a remarkable-effect on Sharon; ‘Next weekend‘ if you want to bring [husband] John to the beach...


Sharon & Helen agreed picnic-baskets, cooked Thursday & Friday, Saturday-morning saw the ‘girls‘ thumbing through their respective-wardrobes.  Helen changed repeatedly, husband John insisted she [Helen] was a knock-out & they were only going to the beach.  Helen reluctantly allowed [husband] John to wear jeans, t-shirt & trainers.

Kylie ran into her parents bedroom in her pyjamas, ‘Red or blue bikini‘.  ‘Blue is nice, though it may be too cold to swim‘ replied John.  Looking out of the bedroom-window Helen suggested ‘Jeans, t-shirt, fleece & jacket‘, ‘It looks like rain‘.


Waiting for Stephen in Sharons-kitchen the rain stopped bouncing-off the patio-door glass & the sunshine gleamed-through.  Stephen knocked on the kitchen-door & introduced himself.

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