Last To Know

Married-for 6-years 'girls' life falls-apart when attacked by husband with a secret past-&-present.


22. Contract

Sharon drove the ‘girls‘ & their instruments to the Bygraves-Mendez studio, surprised to get a parking-space, though it was early-evening.  Excited, Karen & Kylie had never performed in-front of strangers, Sharon introduced them to ‘Lion‘, he in-turn to business-partner Trevor...

Shown-through to the studio Trevor asked the girls to set-up their keyboard & guitar; shortly after Trevor asked the ‘girls‘ to announce themselves & what they were going to play, ‘ Johnny Angel, formally by Shelley Fabaras & Karen Carpenter‘.  Not bad, agreed Trevor &  ‘Lion‘, ‘Do you read music, we would like you to play Cold Coffee composed by another musician Helen, do you sing‘ asked Trevor.

Both Karen & Kylie sang, though unsure of range stressed ‘Only high-school‘.

Stephen turned-up & watched the ‘girls‘ performance both live & recorded; having attended composer-singer Helen rehearse in a small local-authority office [rented for the evening] & perform in a city-centre pub years-before, a tear filled his eye.  The ‘girls‘ were brilliant, they had excelled themselves.

Trevor & ‘Lion‘ too liked what they heard & seen & agreed they wanted to sign-up the ‘girls‘; both over 18, in the circumstances meeting with [Kylies parents] Helen & John was necessary...  Spared the indignity of American Idol, X-Factor... the ‘girls‘ had secured a recording-contract, pretty-much on their-own.


Karen & Kylie preferred to lead an all-girl band, no complications of blokes stealing their limelight & or hitting on them.  They knew ballads embraced the romantic-image they wished to project & very-much enjoyed being ‘the girls next-door‘.  Short-skirts & flattering-tops were their everyday-clothes, getting paid for playing was their ‘dream‘.

Katie asked ‘May I sing, I know the words to Johnny Angel & Where The Boys Are‘.  A fair-request given she was standing next to elder-sister Karen in the studio; an unprepared brimming-over with-confidence Katie stepped into the booth where Karen & Kylie played minutes before.  Placing headphones over her ears Katie sang-her-heart-out.


Trevor & ‘Lion‘ gave the thumbs-up, all-girl trios were long-established in the music-industry.  Still at high-school Katie was not in a position to tour properly; unfortunate, as Trevor was ready to arrange a week-long introductory-tour at small-venues, supported with a few-hundred CDs & posters.

Dusty Springfield was an iconic schoolgirl-singer of the 1960s, the precedent was set long-before Katie was born.  Sandie Shaw too was a ‘discovered‘ wannabe from a car-factory, later winning the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest.  Trevor asked Katie ‘Would you consider being a backing-singer on the launch CD‘. ‘Confident the tour will be a success, it is important you complete high-school‘.


Stephen joined the ‘girls‘, Sharon, Trevor & ‘Lion‘ ‘Lots of famous & successful girl-bands over-decades, Pussycat Dolls, Supremes & Ponytails to name but-three‘.

If Katie mastered an instrument maybe she too would join the band in-time, her angelic-voice was a revelation & perfect for the band.  Trevor thought Katies-voice was a musical-instrument in itself & was ready to back-up his professional-experience by offering Katie a contract as the third band-member.


Kelly played drums, though like Katie, she too was in high-school.  Trevor drove to Helens home & listened to Kelly perform in the basement.  She was very-good, shame she & Katie were too young for his label.  Recognising potential, Trevor agreed both Kelly & Katie should be fully-accredited Kool band-members, if only in the studio.

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