Last To Know

Married-for 6-years 'girls' life falls-apart when attacked by husband with a secret past-&-present.


21. Audition

Walking through flagship coffee-shop to meet with wife Sharon, Stephen was surprised to hear a customer call his name from one of the tables.  It was non-other than musician ‘Lion‘; talented, tall & doing well for himself.  They had first met back in 1996 & reminisced about watching Manchester-band Susu in rehearsal.  Stephen never forgot lead-singer Helen, gorgeous & talented composer with the voice of an angel.


Introducing Sharon over coffee; ‘Lion‘ announced he was scouting to audition new bands for his label.  ‘Cool‘ said Sharon, ‘My daughter Karen plays keyboard & best-friend Kylie guitar; we are naturally biased & know the ‘girls‘ would love the opportunity to have a professional-opinion‘.  Neither had heard of a ‘girl‘ duo, though as a favour to Stephen ‘Lion‘ agreed to a recording-session both to watch the ‘girls‘ perform & add video to his archive; perhaps he could create a band with others he had previously signed-up...

Sharon mobed Karen, asking if she & Kylie were up-to performing in a studio.  Really, where, when, what to wear asked Karen?  Do you know the Bygraves-Mendez studio off the city-centre, please ask Kylie if she is free this evening, say 7pm.


Audition-arranged Karen & Kylie were in full ‘girlie‘ mode; not enough time, nor any real-need, to go shopping, it was a case of working with their respective-wardrobes.  They knew their first-impression would be hot-babe talented-musicians.  Complementary-outfits were chosen in detail, down to bracelets, necklaces, ear-rings & watches.

Fortunately, both ‘girls‘ had their own en-suite bathrooms so the hour-long showers did not impact on their families too-much, over-loud music vibrating their bedroom-doors was a given for teenagers.

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