1. Prolouge

              The thin, cold piece of metal pressed against my ear while I drove through the slick streets. Snow fell out of the black sky, which made me feel like I was chasing snow flakes instead of driving.

           Hey, it's Josh. I'm probably working or sleeping, so leave a message or shoot me a text, and I'll-- I pressed end and then redial, as I heard the faint ring and then the same message again. I threw my phone into the passenger seat before I gripped the steering wheel with my thin fingers. My eyes adjusted to the familiar house ahead of me, and I slowly turned the wheel into the driveway.

        I shut off the engine, and set my feet on the wet concrete. My high heels clicked as I carried myself to the front door. I extended my hand and turned the cold door handle, entering the large home.

       "Josh?" I asked the dark house, waiting for a response. I walked up the stairs while my hand glided across the rail. I slowly walked down the hall and into the familar room.

       "What the fuck?" I yelled at my naked boyfirend that was under my naked best friend.

        "Calliope!" Josh yelled as he threw the girl off of him. "Your flight wasn't suppose to land until tomorrow!"

         I didn't say a word, I just stood there disgusted. I walked over to my 'best friend' who was putting on her clothes.

         "Calliope, I'm sorry. You weren't--" She was cut off by my fist landing in the middle of her nose. She fell to the floor, with blood dripping from her, already swelling, nose.

         "Get the fuck out of my house, Shay," I said through my tetth while she scrambled on the floor to get her things, then walked out of the door.





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