Walking Alone


2. Realities Complete Truths

Amelia Roberts, sixteen, confused and ultimately panicked. It was Finley's fault, everything always is. He always used to get me involved in his trouble when we were younger, and nothing at all has changed. I was a sucker to his charm, and even though I've realised his lying, cheating games, I still let him use me in his battles. The Home Tribe, they're nothing to do with me, I'm just forced to help them, noone will suspect me, I don't want to be a suspected anything, I want to be a normal girl in care. As normal as a girl in care can be.

That's another thing, I've been in care for most of my life, we're orphans, that's why Finley turned to trouble. It hurt him, I was too young to understand the emotional damage, but now I do, I can feel it now, but I want to turn my life around, not follow in his footsteps. He thinks punching a wall will make it better, but he's wrong, because the only thing that can make an ounce of difference, is hope and pride. I'm proud of the way my Dad died, trying to save Mum from the wreck, I like to believe the simple story, though I know there's more to it that I don't know. Finley's trying to protect me from the truth, and I know that the truth formed The Home Tribe, and I know that The Home Tribe can only be stopped by the truth, so that's why I'm walking alone, because it's the only way I can find the truth.

Now it's just me...

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