A cold and frosty evening

A new Christmas story


1. A cold and frosty evening

The car turned away from Summerfield University, Jon Newton sighed, his lectures of Quantum Physics were ended for Christmas and he was on his way home. The snow was falling heavily now, almost blizzard like. The City Centre laid ahead, full of Christmas cheer, which Jon cringed at. The shops had to spoil the season of goodwill didn't they; it had bows of holly, Christmas lights waving in the wind, that were strung across the roads from the local council. The traffic was full and slow, the snow was getting worse too. A Father Christmas rang a bell and hoped someone would throw money into his money bucket. Jon sighed; he was too thin to be a Santa. The car stopped as a red light loomed out of the horizontal blizzard. Jon scanned his watch; it had already taken him twenty minutes to go a hundred yards. Suddenly someone was tapping on his window. It was a man in his late thirties, in ragged clothes and a runny nose. ‘Got a pound for a cup of tea?’ it asked. Jon nodded no, just as the light turned green. Jon pressed the accelerator and moved away from the homeless. He did want to give, but he had to get home first. His conscience was playing him up a little bit, so he depressed it and carried on driving. Suddenly his mobile messaging beeped, he glanced down and stopped the car to have a quick look. ‘Stuck in town Christmas shopping, see you later,’ said his wife Carol. He smiled and carried on driving. Suddenly his house was in sight, he sighed, nearly home, the warm wood fire and his very comfortable chair. He turned into his gravel drive and got out of his and locked it with his automatic keyring. The car beeped liked it understood its instruction.

“What the ???” he gasped as his eyes saw this floating creature near the top of his guttering, dropping his phone as he did so into the snow drift. It was about two feet high, it had on a grey suit with a Victorian styled waistcoat and chained gold pocket watch, it had twig like hands that sounded metallic as it touched the upper window pane as it created ice cold, white fern like patterns. It had a tree like body and hoofed feet and floated like a cloud. Jon stood open mouthed as all the windows of his house were covered by the white frost. Suddenly it turned its face to look at what was behind it, it had a feeling something was watching it; it had a craggy, aged and gaunt features. Its eyes were a cold, cold sky blue, it had a long, long nose with pine needles for eyebrows and looked directly at this thing that had interrupted it in its work. Suddenly it fell to the ground that blew away some of the deep snow at its feet. It looked at this thing and crossed its arms. “Well!” it exclaimed. “What?” replied Jon surprised at the question. “Why did you stop me?” it asked. “What, oh,” Jon replied. Suddenly a penny dropped and Jon looked more confused. “You’re, you’re. Jack,” muddled Jon. “Frost,” replied Jack. “I know.” “But you’re a fable, a myth!” exclaimed Jon. “Hope not,” put in Jack getting fed up with this human. “Look you’re a human.” “I’m a Sprite from Sprita, and don’t worry frost appears in Sprita at the same time. Inter-dimensional universal equality.” “Sprita?” asked the scientist. “A small bluish planet in the seventh universe with four moons and three suns,” replied a smiling Frost. “But, but…” blubbed Jon. “That’s impossible.” “There is no seventh universe! Only one!” he proclaimed.

“Yes there is,” protested Jack. “It’s not my fault that you humans are so primitive.” “PRIMATIVE!” exclaimed Jon feeling insulted. “I use a ‘Jumper’ an inter-brainal trans-cohesion converter,” said Jack. Jon looked blank. “It allows us to travel instantly between any brainne, in time space and any distance.” “Brainne’s are only theory,” put in the scientist. Jack crossed his arms and was beginning to be a bit annoyed with his human. “How long would it take to get to the nearest earth like planet?” “Two hundred million light years,” said Jon. “Take hold of my jacket,” said Jack. “Why?” he asked. “To see it! Of Course,” replied Jack. The scientist nimbly placed his hands on the top of Jack’s jacket. Suddenly the Spriton punched in a few numbers and touched a large red button on the famous machine. They vanished in an emerald flash of light. Jon gasped at the green rough grass that lay beneath his snow filled shoes. The sky was dark and clear, stars shone out like fantastic pinpoints of multi-coloured light. “You’re the first human on Aultu,” said Jack. “This is Aultu,” replied a believing boffin. The smell of clean mountainous air and pine filled aromas touched his Christmas nose. His normal headache suddenly disappeared into non existence. Suddenly his house appeared once more. Jon wanted to go back, but how could he, he wasn’t a Spriton. Jon knew brainnes existed, but his colleagues wouldn’t believe him. Suddenly Jack vanished with his emerald light, and a laugh of ‘I know Father Christmas!’ 

The End. 

Jon opened a small strangely wrapped present that lay beneath his pine tree. ‘Sprita’ it said on the postmark.  

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