My Life My Death

Talia is a 16 year old ghost. her ex-best friend killed her and her friends, but Jamie and Katie are not what they were. They were all murdered and the killer is never caught for the doing, but Talia, Jamie, Paul and Katie all want her dead. how will they do it and will they be able to???


13. Not My Jamie

A cool breeze blows over my face slowly. I open my eyes, hoping to dear god that the winged creature really was just a dream. I sat up gingerly, looking around. The throbbing pain from last night hadn’t left. I lift my gradually hand and place it on my forehead. I look over to Paul, still sound asleep. I let him sleep considering I woke him up early this morning. I stand up, wobbling like jelly. I hold onto the tree limb that runs through the little tree house. I close my eyes and wish away the pain.

Paul stirs in his sleep while mumbling something softly. He tosses and turns and finally his eyes spring open. He sits up fast, looking up at me. With my hand still on my head, I kneel down on my sore wobbly knees, wishing to god that the pain throughout my body would stop. Paul reaches over to me, taking my small dainty hand in his. Paul stands up and stretches his muscular body. He hauls me up, standing me straight. He slowly moves his hand off my waist. I wobble, with legs like jelly. I squat down and plonk myself on the wooden floor.

Paul sits down next to me sighing heavily. He wraps his arm around me, embracing me, holding me tight. He rests his cheek bone on my forehead, while I silently cry to myself. What if I stuff up the plan? What if I ruin our one and only chance to kill Natalia? Will Paul still want me? Of course he will, won’t he?

I wipe the tears from my face with my portable tissue called the sleeve, brilliant invention it was. Paul looks down into my deep green eyes that hold my sole. He smiles into the depth of them, the tears still run down my face, but I force myself to smile weakly. His hand raises and caresses my neck and face. I lean into him, pressing my forehead against his chest. He wraps his arms around me tightly. His cheek presses against my head. I sigh in relief. Paul stands up again. He hauls me up and stands me straight again. I step towards him, closing the space between our bodies. I trip and fall into his body. He catches me seconds before I hit the ground face first. He hands tightly gripping my waist. He pulls me up and into his embrace. The warmth of his body floods me, circles around me, flooding my soul, my heart, my life.

I look up at Paul and into his beautiful green eyes. He lips meet mine and in that instant Natalia was just an annoying fly, buzzing around me. She seems so distant, so far away that I’ll never reach her. My arms hang over Paul’s shoulders. A hand grips my hips, while the other gently grips my chin. His thumb caresses my skin softly and tenderly.

Paul lips leave mine but are still so close. His hands cup my face and he kisses me. A short, deep kiss is planted on my lips by the one I love, the one who I never want to lose.

I stare up into his eyes, hypnotized by his kindness. Paul looks deep into mine and in that instant I saw my life flash before my eyes. My childhood memories whoosh past me, blurring my vision of anything else. My teenage memories flood out the childhood, images of mum come back to me. I close my eyes, eager to hold the tears back. A soft hand rests on my heavy slumped shoulder. I open my eyes looking up to Paul. His hand rests firmly on my right shoulder. My wet tears dribble down my soft cheek and drip onto my clothes.

Pauls hand touches my cheek, where the tears follow one another, and he wipes the tears away. “I got to go and talk to Jamie. See you.” I say as I walk away from Paul. Paul grabs my wrist. I look back over my shoulder to Paul. I step backwards back into his tight embrace. Paul grips my body from behind. I swiftly turn my torso to give him a quick kiss on the lips before saying “I’ll be fine. Love you” I say. I blow him a kiss as I walk away from him again. I climb down the old oak tree eager to find Jamie. I walk briskly, placing one foot in front of the other. I see Jamie’s figure in the distance, along the beach. She walks along the water’s edge letting it caress her feet. She walks slowly along the beach, taking in the scenery and things going on around her.

I run across the road, the hot pavement burning my bare feet. I slip and slide across the sand, stumbling to the ground every so often and finally reach Jamie after 10 minutes. With pain in every movement, I stand beside her.

She sits on the soft sand, stroking it with care. Her blond hair waving around her, touching her face with kindness. The sun blazing down onto her hair, a shiny golden ribbon swirls around her. I sit next to Jamie on the soft sand, with the water brushing against my feet. She looks out into the distant ocean, with sadness in her beautiful brown eyes. Waves crash on the beach, rolling into shore then back out to sea. She watches them with envy in her eyes.

I destroy the silence, which never seems to leave me alone for a day. “What are you thinking about?”

“How do you know I’m thinking?”

“I’ve known you for too long not to know.”

“Sure, whatever”

“If I’m bothering you I can leave”

Jamie spins around looking me in the eye. “No.” She says to quickly for me not to get suspicious. I stare back at her with a thin blond brow raised.

“What do you think of the plan?”

“What if something goes wrong?”

“Then we’ll come up with another plan”

“Great idea boss” Jamie says after rolling her eyes.

I stand and brush the sand on my denim mini shorts and thighs. I walk away from my best friend. I stumble up the soft yellow, hot sand. It burns my bare feet with every step. I tip-toe across the road and walk towards the big oak, that holds the tree house, where I hope to find Paul.

I climb up the wooden planks. I crawl into the house and find Paul sound asleep on the hard floor. I crawl up behind him and whisper “I love you” in his ear.

He rolls over and grabs me around the waist as his eyes open wide. “‘Bout time” Paul says with a smirk on his handsome face. I pull myself closer to his body. His embrace on me tightens. I rest my head on his strong arm, that holds me close. I curl up to his letting my body soak into his and soon I am completely engulfed by him.

“What time is it?” Paul says breaking the peaceful silence.

“‘Bout midday, why?” I say with a sleepy voice.

“You’re tied, what you do in the half hour you were away from me?”

“Slip and slide down the sand towards the beach where Jamie was”

“Huh” Paul says as if he understood everything. 

I drift into a dreamless sleep, wishing, hoping that Jamie would be the Jamie I knew before she died.

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