My Life My Death

Talia is a 16 year old ghost. her ex-best friend killed her and her friends, but Jamie and Katie are not what they were. They were all murdered and the killer is never caught for the doing, but Talia, Jamie, Paul and Katie all want her dead. how will they do it and will they be able to???


14. Another Dream

“Hello.” I say to Paul. He groans and opens his eyes to see me hovering over him. He pulls me into his grip.

“Good... what time is it?” he whispers in my ear.

“Its ‘bout 10am” I whisper back

“Well than, good late morning” I giggle. His grip on my body tightens as Katie walks into the little house with a wide smile on her face.

Katie scoffs “Don’t worry I won’t take you from her” she says with a gleam in her eye. She walks over to us, looking down upon me. Her grin widens even more. I didn’t think it was possible. I mentally shake myself ridding of the thought. “So” Katie starts “When is this plan of yours going to come into play or have you had second thought on the plan.”

“No I haven’t had second thoughts and it’s going to be tomorrow that we attack. So you need to go get weapons, immediately.” Katie snarls at me. “Or is it too big of an ask to ask you to get off your fat lazy arse.”

“You could have told me earlier”

“I did, just then, and that is before you spoke” Katie snarls at me again. “Well off you trot, go get the weapons”

“And what are you going to do”

“Um, honestly I don’t know and I’m not going with you”

“Why not? Scared I might accidentally hurt you” Katie says with a smirk

“Well yeah I am, since you hate me”

“I love you, how could you think that I hate you?”

“Easy” I mumble

“Well I’ll go get the weapons” Katie says as she twitches off.

There is a long pause in time before me or Paul spoke. “She hates you” Paul mumbles more to himself then to me.

“Yep, but she loves you” annoyed at how Katie loves Paul, my boyfriend. I smirk to myself at how much I must be aggravating her. Sigh. I’m amusing myself without talking, for once.

“Yeah, but I love you” Paul grips my body with his muscular hands. My head rests on his naked skin. I look up to his face that holds his sharp features, that make him look intelligent. I lay there wondering how I ever got a guy like Paul. I close my eyes and dream.

I look above me, to see a bird circling around me, a black bird. The trees around me sway and twine together in the cold wind. I stand in the middle of a clearing, in a lush forest, that is alive with different shades of green, yellows and browns. Trees everywhere the eye looks. If the bird wasn’t circling above me, I’d like this forest but it is so I don’t.

The black bird glides around and around following its circular path. A feather softly flutters down and lands in my hand. I stare at the night coloured feather that lies on the palm of my hand. I see the night sky flash across the feather, a pitch black night, not a star in the sky. I keep staring at the beautiful feather.

I pull myself together and drop the feather onto the dirt ground. I look up into the sky, to see the bird no longer there. I keep staring at the bird’s path.

A dark grey cloud slowly glides across the sky to cover the clearing, where I stand. A lightning bolt lashes out at me, nearly electrocuting me. I jump to the right dodging it by centimetres. I keep looking up at the dark cloud, as it takes its shape as the monster that was in my dream a few days ago.

I stare in horror at the dark cloud, hovering above me. Deep rumbling comes from below me. I look down in fear. The ground below me cracks open and stretches across the small clearing. It splits between my feet; I step to the right and hastily back away from the giant crack that lies before me. I stumble backwards until my back is firmly pressed against the tree. A crack breaks off the main one and heads towards me with abnormal speed, each centimetre getting wider and wider, deeper and deeper until finally it stops just in front of my terrified body. A deep, hoarse voice sounds from out of the newly formed crack. “I will only destroy you if I have to. Do not get in my way in the real world. I will destroy you one way or another.” The voice echoed from within the crack.

“Who are you? How will I know if I get in your way?”

“You know me. I was your best friend, and now your enemy. You are going to try and kill me, but be warned I know your plan of attack”

“Should I ask how?”

“No, it would uncover my spy within your little group”

“Natalia” I spat out the word as if it was a bitter lemon.

“Took you long enough”

I evaporated from my dream and back into the real world, where I was being shaken by Paul. I spring up, nearly head butting Paul. “You okay?” Paul says

“Yeah fine, why?”

] “You were rolling around a lot and squashing me.”

“Oh, sorry, I was dreaming.” I say vacantly

Paul lies down beside me and I roll over towards him. He grips my body firmly. “What was your dream about?”


“This you can’t stop me from knowing because I know when you’re lying” That made me giggle a little.

“Fine. I dreamt that I was in a clearing in a lush forest at night. A bird circles above me for a while and a feather drops, from the bird, and I see the night sky flash across it.” I pause and take a few deep breathes then continued.

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