My Life My Death

Talia is a 16 year old ghost. her ex-best friend killed her and her friends, but Jamie and Katie are not what they were. They were all murdered and the killer is never caught for the doing, but Talia, Jamie, Paul and Katie all want her dead. how will they do it and will they be able to???


10. A Plan That'll Work??

Jamie walks across the sand to reach me. She rushes up to me with a massive grin on her face that couldn’t physically get wider. She climbs up on the rock on sits next to me. “Guess what?” she says

“You found something?”

“Yes, information” I tilt my head to the side. She sighs and continues “I found out that I can take control of a human body.”

“How?” I say worried about the human

“Well, I was walking in the shopping centre and I ran into this old lady and I didn’t go through her, like I thought I would have, but I was inside her. I had total control over her movements.” I sat there while an idea arose in my head. The death of Natalia could happen. I grinned at her as more of the idea came to me. “What?” Jamie said

“I know how we are going to kill Natalia”

“Really?” she practically jumping up and down

“Yeah, go get Katie and I’ll get Paul and meet me at the tree house.”

“Ok” she ran off in an instant and I slowly walked up the sand towards the park. It was amazing how fast she ran up the sand, I can barely walk on it, I kept falling over.


I finally get to the road that divides the park and the beach. I walk across quickly. I climb up the tree and everyone is waiting for me, Jamie sitting quietly, while Paul and Katie argue over something. Paul and Katie stop bickering once I‘ve climbed up the tree fully and stand there waiting patiently for them to stop. While I wait for the two, Jamie fills me in on the argument. “There fighting over whether you should lead the group or not, as you can guess Paul says you should and Katie want to lead the group herself. So you can see the problem.” Jamie says quickly and quietly. I step forward and push them apart. Katie walks way and climbs down the tree while Paul sits against the wooden wall furiously. I sit next to him. He leans forward and pulls me closer. He wraps his arms around my waist protectively. Katie climbs back up and sits next to Jamie, who moves away from her a little. Paul glares at Katie, giving her the evil eye and Katie does it right back at him.

“I figured out a way to kill Natalia, with the help of Jamie” I say calmly.

Katie snorts and says “Yeah right”

“I have” I say truthfully

“Then tell me already! I’ve got better thing to do than sit here doing nothing”

“Like what, Katie?”

“None of your fucking business”

“Well anyway” I pause for a second before continuing “I have figured out how we are going to kill her.”

“How?” Paul says curiously while glaring at Katie

“Jamie will tell you her story” Everyone looked at Jamie

“Jamie did something other than cry her little red eyes out, wow must have been amazing then” Katie say sarcastically. Jamie and me ignored Katie, while Paul was about to kill her.

“I went to the shopping centre down the road and I ran into this old lady and I thought, like in all good horror movies, that I would go straight through her but I didn’t. I was in control of her. If I wanted her to scratch her head she would, but I tried the same thing to a tree and I walked straight through it.”

“Wow you really did do something” Katie said

“My plan was for all of us to do the same as Jamie did with the old lady, only not old ladies, and kill Natalia.” I say

“How are we going to kill her, we have no weapons” Jamie said with confusion

“My friend, Steve, can hook me up with anything dangerous.” Katie said

“That a bit disturbing” I said

“It’s true” Katie said with complete honesty

“Yeah still disturbed” I say.

“Well, who are we going to use?” Paul says

“Anyone, who is capable of running, pulling a trigger and self defence” Katie says. The tree went silent. We all sat silently, saying and thinking nothing.


Finally breaking the pause in time, Katie stands snarls at Paul and leaves. Jamie follows but doesn’t go with Katie she goes her own direction.

Paul moves so he is sitting in front of me. “Sorry” He says quietly. I said nothing, there is nothing to say, but Paul continues, “I’m sorry I killed your mother and dragged you into this mess. If I had of stayed with you after I took you home none of this would have happened.” A tear ran down his sad face. I moved closer to him, sitting the opposite way he was. I looked into his soft green eyes, they showed his guilt. Guilt I never thought I would see, ever. I covered his left cheek with my right hand. I pulled his head towards me so he would have to look at me. He pulled away and stood. I stood up quickly after him, blocking his exit. He couldn’t look me in the eye. I took his face in my hands and kissed him softly. He took my hands in his, still not able to look me in the eye. He let go of my hands and sprinted to his only exit, the door-like opening. He quickly climbed down followed by me. I followed him, he ran, ran across the road onto the beach and across the wet sand.

It didn’t take long for him to run out of breath, I caught up quickly. I stood in front of him, tears falling from my eyes. He looked up at me, with a guilty face. “It wasn’t your fault” I say softly. Paul didn’t say anything. Paul walked around me and kept going, I followed closely behind. It was getting dark, the sun setting on my left.

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