How to Survive School these days

Well School these days will always need a survival guide


1. Really?

Well to be honest, school these days need a survival guide because people cant see what is actually going on with school at the moment, follow these steps to survive it:

1. Dont be what people call nower days "a Boffin"

in other words, be smart but dont let other people know this dramatically, like for instance someone says something scientifically in correct, by all means correct them, but dont go all out in correcting them if that makes sense.


2. Dont have a sissy fit when Girls or boys talk to you

Do i have to say anything for this, people nower days who are lets say lower down the social ladder, will, lets say be a little bit to happy if a girl even gets close to them, so dont.... just talk to them as you would talk to a friend, dont act like there another species.


3. Dont keep your feelings to your self,

This can be justified in to ways, Feelings as in thoughts or feelings for a girl or a boy, remember you have only one chance to tell a girl or a boy how you really feel at a modern day State school so dont be afraid to do that when you feel the time is right. this goes for your thoughts as well, tell a friend what you are thinking, get them interested.


4. Dont tell the teacher on people, Seriously?

now this is one of the most perfetic things i have ever seen a person do, Tell a teacher if someone is either annoying you in class or "bullying you", ok so if you are getting seriously bullied like beaten and tormented for a specific reason then ok, Tell, but if you get called a "pussy" or "gay" dont go crying to the teacher because i ashure you, it will end you.


5. trust your friends,

im deadly serious on this one, your friend should mean everything to you, and you should cherrish that feeling in your time at school, many people dont get that feeling of having friends that would do almost anything for you, especially in a modern day state school.

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