Princess In The Dark

Lucia is The Princess In The Dark, a highly ranked member of a large coven of vampires. Hiding in the gloom of the tunnels under London, her only pleasure is to hunt.
She lives this life every day, and does not feel even the slightest portion of remorse or guilt for all the lives she has taken. Lucia also happens to be the only daughter of their leader, The Count, putting her in a position with many enemies and lurking dangers, leaving more responsibility on her shoulders than she would have otherwise wished for.
She then meets 18-year-old James, and begins to notice that he is different, strange... And that he is changing her in the most peculiar way...


1. Preface

She beckoned to him with her long, slim fingers. "Come to me, little boy." She whispered. Her voice was smooth and silky, like velvet. Her thick red lips shaped perfectly around the ivory-white, sharply pointed teeth. She winked at him with her big, catlike yellow eyes surrounded by her thick, dark lashes. He was enticed. "Come to me" She repeated, this time more seductively than before. "Come to me, and forever be mine..."

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