Princess In The Dark

Lucia is The Princess In The Dark, a highly ranked member of a large coven of vampires. Hiding in the gloom of the tunnels under London, her only pleasure is to hunt.
She lives this life every day, and does not feel even the slightest portion of remorse or guilt for all the lives she has taken. Lucia also happens to be the only daughter of their leader, The Count, putting her in a position with many enemies and lurking dangers, leaving more responsibility on her shoulders than she would have otherwise wished for.
She then meets 18-year-old James, and begins to notice that he is different, strange... And that he is changing her in the most peculiar way...


13. Lost

"WHAT!?" The Count thundered. His booming, deafening voice bounced off the walls and echoed down the long hallway. The fury in his fixed glare was unmistakeable. His fists were clenched so tightly that his long, pointed nails pierced the skin of his hands and made thick, red blood run down his fingers. Lucifer staggered back, cowering behind his cloak and accidentally knocking into the wall. "I... I s-said... Your daughter... I... W-well, see, she-" "I HEARD YOU, YOU INCOMPETENT IDIOT!" Lucifer winced and retreated further away from The Count, trying to blend into the darkness. This seemed to make The Count impossibly madder. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GET ME CERBERUS! WE MUST RETRIEVE HER AT ONCE!" Lucifer nodded, trembling, thankful for an excuse to leave as he spun around and disappeared into the shadows.

James skulked down the street, kicking along an empty can as he went. A streetlamp flickered a few houses down, and there was a faint light on the horizon. Apart from that, the place lay dark. James cursed under his breath, now kicking the can so hard that it flew down the street, disappearing down a gutter. Bill had been asked to stay, whereas James had been told that they would keep close watch on him, and that he was to return for questioning in a few days time. James, to be honest, didn't really care much about himself. But Bill... He had never known Bill. Never met him before in his life, not until today. But Bill had offered him hospitality. And now he was being punished for it. The guilt lay, heavier than ever, on James' shoulders. He picked up his pace, thinking that it was starting to get colder, when he remembered why he had gone to Bill in the first place. He stooped to a halt, staring around wildly and noticing every single movement around him... Something was out there. He began to run, ignoring the fact that his body still ached from his previous sprint through the city. Houses and streetlamps flew past as he kept increasing his pace, trying to forget his throbbing pains. He could see the crossing a few meters in front of him, all he had to do was to turn that corner, and then he would almost be - something, out of nowhere, slammed into him right as he turned, knocking him off his feet and onto his back. He lay completely still for a few seconds, processing in his mind what had just happened to him. Something reasonably heavy had crashed on top of him, and right now he was simply trying to breathe. The unidentified object raised it's head and looked at him. Oh. Lucia's wild, frightened gaze met his. As soon as she realized her situation, she jumped up with inhuman speed, pulling him with her. "Where are you going?" She asked, her voice panicked and frail. He still hadn't regained his breath, so she shook him violently, forcing him to speak: "I'm g-going home!" He stared at her like she had completely lost it. "Is there a room without windows in your home?" She spoke so quickly that he hardly understood what she was saying. "Yes... " He replied, now really giving her a strange look. "I'll join you." She said, staring at the sky, her voice becoming impossibly more urgent. "W-well, I... W-what?" He replied, now looking both suspicious and confused. She nodded frantically. "Good. Which way?"

Cerberus stopped and sniffed the air. The trail lead south. Not wasting a single moment, he raced down the road. He would harm her. He would make her wish she had never betrayed The Count in the first place, let alone killed Moros. Moros. He had to avenge his brother. He knew that if he did so, The Count would have him slaughtered. Or, most likely, slaughter him himself. And if he was killed, The Countess would have won. He had to think of something. A way to kill her where he would himself be saved. He had never been good at thinking out a plan before taking action. His method had been to kill first, and ask questions later. Well, it'd been Moros' method, too. The scent of Countess in the air was getting stronger. He leaned forward, and effortlessly increased his speed. The buildings were closer together now, and they were mostly closed diners and stores, not houses. Cerberus looked up at the sky. It was at least ten minutes before sunrise, he could make that. The trail lead him round a corner, down a street with tall, grey blocks of flats. The cracks in the pavement where overgrown with weeds, and two broken bikes lay in the middle of the completely deserted street. The scent here was overpoweringly strong. He stopped to sniff the ground, picking up a small black lock of hair that lay there. The smell of Countess was equally mixed with the smell of human... She had been hunting, no doubt. He straightened up and jogged on a few meters, stopping at a block of flats that seemed slightly lopsided. The gate at the small wired fence in front had already fallen off its hinges, and had been thrown into the next overgrown garden. Cerberus ran up the narrow path to the door and ripped it open, immediately ascending up the stairs. Before long he reached the door with the strongest scent, and as he looked through the small window atop it, he saw a young man dumping his coat onto the floor, and The Countess standing beside him, seemingly speaking. He turned around and pointed his finger at her, but she pushed it away with her left hand. She then put both her arms up, flailing in the air, as she seemed to raise her tone at him,pulling back her upper lip in what looked like a hiss. Why hadn't she lunged at him yet? Why wasn't she at his throat? Why did she bother to stand there and communicate when the throbbing veins in his neck were perfectly within reach? Maybe she was taunting him? No, she couldn't be. She wasn't stupid. She knew that every second before the coming sunrise was precious, especially since it was so near. He felt it himself, day was dangerously close. He put his ear to the door, trying to listen to their conversation. "I.........Windows.......Quick...." Even with his incredible hearing it was difficult to pick up the sounds beyond the concrete door. Human male. A weakness, perhaps?

The Count paced back and forth in his chambers, only stopping to kick the stone chair that was now looking very feeble. He gritted his teeth, occasionally wiping his brow with the back of his sleeve. If his daughter had taken down Cerberus as well... No. Cerberus was prepared, and he was not foolish. He cursed under his breath, regretting that he ever let Moros venture down there alone. Not only had he lost one of his best men, but his daughter was on the loose. This was not his most glorious hour. How dare she? After all he had done for her. He had grasped her from the claws of his mad brother. He had made her immortal. He had issued her with the finest of chambers, let her be in control of her own actions. And then, she had stepped out of line. He had to punish her, of course. She should no doubt be thankful that he had not done worse. Then she had chosen to cross him yet again, brutally murdering one of his most faithful, useful servants. She had fled from him. He was disgusted, this time not in a good way. He drove his fist into the wall, creating a large dent in it and making it groan from the blow. Just as he was about to raise his hand to it again, he heard a knock on the door. A second later, Cerberus burst in. The Count immediately turned to him. "Well!?" He asked, barely containing his rage. "I apologize, your highness." Cerberus said, his face hard and his expression emotionless, "But I did not find her."

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