Is that you Santa Claus !? -The chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

what do you get if you cross a cockney Elf with a gangster bitch Father Christmas.. a Night that Congo would rather forget


3. You better not Cry


These were no ordinary boots, Congo realised to his astonishment they were women knee high black leather boots..correction Prada women knee high leather boots.

Congo eyes slowly  viewed up, just as the boots came to a stop. Congo could see a pair of Wolford Sahara Bondage tights,that disappeared into a white cuff red dress with a black belt with a golden buckle. Above that was over cast, congo couldnt make out a face.


"Santa's a cross dresser." Thought Congo. His thinking process was interrupted as the right Prada knee high boot toe punned his face. The kick was hard enough to flip congo on his back.


"Thats enough gov, please he aint got a scooby Doo! He doesn't know I possessed him!? "

Dildoporn jumped infront of Congos body with his hands high.


"Dildoporn you mug! I am gonna kill you until you're dead!"  The Boss grabbed Dildoporn by the throat and lifted him up close, so they were face to face.


"Boss please I can explain, me and Saint Nick are in love and there is nothing you can do about it he doesn't love you anymore."

"Saint Nick... He !?! wait then who the hell are you !?" Confused Congo shouted holding his bruised face.


In the light Congo could finally see the face of the Prada kicking dick, that broke his door and his pretty face. The Boss was no cross dressing dude, but a hot ass babe, Beyonce didnt have shit on this chick.


"Your Fine!!.."  It took all of Congo's will not to dribble.


The Boss cocked her head and viewed Congo then returned her gaze to Dildoporn.


" You used a human to defile my Husband!? you were meant to protect him not sleep with him. "


"one thing lead to another then he asked if we could be inmate so I possessed this Humans body, Nick was a gentle tender lover .."


"You used me to bang Santa !?"


" Well Santa was the giver in this relationship, mostly oral to avoid any tell tell signs on your body,Nick was packing some serious heat."


"Wait Father Christmas tried to make my face pregnant what the..., relationship.. how many times did you possess me?"


"Silence human, by rights I should cut off your Head be grateful that am only here for your Penis" 


" Pfffft you wont  have much to cut off !!"Dildoporn scoffed.


" I was mouth raped by Father Christmas ,your husband and now you wanna take my Tings.. you can jog on Sugar tits."


The Boss dropped Dildoporn and turned towards and pulled out a Dagger and walked slowly towards Congo


"You better watch out .You better not cry .You better not pout. I'm telling you why ...."


The Boss Sang, to be fair she had a great voice, any other circumstance Congo would of joined in, but her intent was to castrate him. The Boss got a little carried away and started to dance .


"He sees you when you're sleeping .He knows when you're awake .He knows if you've been bad or good .So be good for goodness sake ..."


Congo could  not help but start tap is foot and bobbing his head .


"Santa Claus is coming to towwwwwwwn" Congo finally joined in . Congo and would be Enuch maker here, were jamming. 


Dildoporn seized this opportunity to rugby tackle the Boss. Dildoporn wormed his way up her body and placed the Boss in a Chokehold squeezing the air our of her until she lay unconscience.


"All about the Shime waza baby!" chuckled Dildoporn releasing the limp Boss.


"Congo dear chap we had a few adventures. You go back up stairs and I will take care of this, its the least I can do"


" What about the door...!?!"


" Gov I just saved you from pissing seating down for the rest of your life, fix your own door. If the Filth come you never heard of me or the Boss Ok"




Dildoporn proceeded to drag the Boss out the broken door.... as he passed the door threshold he turned and with a smile and a wink said 


" Merry Christmas.. and be Lucky "


Congo sat down with the knowledge that Father Christmas left him with an entirely different gift

" I wonder if he will ever call...."

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