Kingdom of Darkness

How can you chose between those you love? Let me help; Two of them decided to send you to death games to kill the one who is your one and only. Then all you can do is fight for your last love.


4. ~The hidden force~

"Any knews yet on how Farry is coming along with the message?" Jaden pacing back and forth. "Not yet but the training only ended a few minutes ago, relax." I said walking over to her, placeing my hand on her shoulder. She turned to me, letting her eyes fall to the ground. I lifted up her chin and forced her to look at me. "They are going to be fine! I'm sure they survived, the queen most likely has a plan to use them somehow, she woulden't just let them die in a simple training." I pointed out. She nodded shortly and I let her go. 

A few moments later Farry came rushing in. "Whats the knews?!" Jaden asked grabbing Farry. 

"The two children have survived and are now in the library looking for books on survival." He said. 

"Gentlemen." Jaden sat up looking proud, "Lets get em'"


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